New semiconductor dynamic speakers hailed as a “substantial evolution” in audio technology

Taiwanese semiconductor design house Sounds Great has announced a prototype of a groundbreaking Semiconductor Dynamic Speaker (SDS), which reduces form factor by 90% compared to the traditional coil in earphone speakers, while increasing speakers’ power range by 10x.

With demand growing rapidly in an increasingly audiovisual era and the prevalence of video conferencing, the demand for higher quality audio output is rising exponentially.

“Sounds Great’s SDS solution is turning the audio world on its head by enabling two to six Dynamic Speakers in one earbud, compared to a single such speaker in existing earphones,” said Ted Zhou, Founder of Sounds Great.


By deploying powerful Motion Microchips to replace voice coils, SDS creates professional stereo architecture in extremely compact devices such as earbuds, hearing aids, smartphones, tablets, laptops, video conference facilities, TV, and car stereos.

SDS also reproduces professional stereo sound in a 7x6mm form factor with independent tweeters (high frequency), mid-range speakers (mid frequency), woofers (low frequency) and subwoofers (super low frequency), resulting in frequency and sound pressure level optimisation and customisation.

Co-founder Edmund Wu said, “SDS’ ability to create powerful and quality sound from compact spaces is a precursor to even more revolutionary audio applications such as hidden speakers on eyeglasses, AR/VR solutions, smart furniture, and even redefine car stereo architecture.”

Sounds Great’s SDS is extremely scalable and highly cost-competitive, as a single 12-inch wafer can produce 30,000 semiconductor speakers. Its proprietary technology also successfully eliminates the time and cost-consuming fine-tuning process traditional speakers undergo after final testing.

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Photo – top of page – Nick Fewings / Unsplash

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