Steambox: Revolutionising the way we eat with an electronic steam lunchbox

In the wake of our re-emergence into a post-Covid health-conscious society, Steambox has made its market debut

As obesity rates reach record heights, largely attributed to poor diets according to the National Health Report, the demand for flexible, health-promoting alternatives grows ever stronger.

Steambox, the world’s first electric lunchbox that uses steam, gives consumers the power to decide what, when, and where they eat. With a tap on a button or a swipe on a phone, the product can steam a nutritious and appetising meal within minutes.

A Tech-Powered Solution to Healthy Eating

Steambox operates via a rechargeable system that can heat up to three meals on a single charge. Users simply pack a meal inside the box, fill the compact water container, and are ready to go. The process of heating the food involves adding water onto a heating element and setting the timer.

Depending on the type of food and its initial temperature, an average meal takes between 15 to 20 minutes to heat up through steam. For added convenience, Steambox has an accompanying app that not only controls the device but also provides access to a variety of recipes.

Credit : Amit Jaura-Steambox

Preserving Taste and Nutrients with Steaming

Compared to traditional or microwave heating, steaming not only enhances the taste of food but also preserves more nutrients throughout the process. Users can insert their food into one of Steambox’s Food Containers, which are designed for maximum safety and ease of use. These containers are dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and food-grade, ensuring users’ health is not compromised. Steambox also boasts a 99.9% leak-proof seal, portability, and a sleek modern design, fashioned from organic bamboo.

Embracing the Freedom of Food

The vision driving Steambox is “Freedom of Food,” an ethos that enables users to enjoy hot and healthy meals under any circumstances. The product appeals to a broad spectrum of users, ranging from foodies and meal preppers to outdoor adventurers and office workers.

The common thread among these consumers? A shared passion for hot food. Steambox is aimed at addressing the struggles of those who have had to resort to unhealthy or costly takeaway meals due to a lack of alternatives.

Redefining the Food Industry

At the Philips Innovation Awards, co-founder and CEO Amit Jaura encapsulated the brand’s mission. “We have seen increased freedom and flexibility in so many industries,” he said. “Now, it’s time for Steambox to do the same for the food industry.” As society grapples with increasing health challenges, products like Steambox mark a promising turn in our collective journey towards maintaining healthier lifestyles, while still enjoying the freedom and flexibility that modern life demands.

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