Stellantis makes strides towards ambitious social and environmental goals

Stellantis, a leading automotive company, is demonstrating its commitment to achieving public social and environmental targets with the release of its second Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.

The company’s focus on sustainability and responsible practices is evident in its long-term strategic plan, Dare Forward 2030.

Stellantis Presents Its Long-Term Strategic Plan – Stellantis Website

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, emphasized the company’s recognition of its role and responsibility in addressing global environmental and social challenges. Tavares stated, “We understand the importance of embracing innovative solutions to preserve mobility for all and protect the future of our company.”

Stellantis’ CSR initiatives in 2022 were aligned with its holistic approach to decarbonization. The company is making significant progress towards its ambitious target of becoming a carbon net-zero corporation by 2038, encompassing all scopes of emissions. It achieved an 11% reduction in the manufacturing carbon footprint of scopes 1 and 2 since 2021. Stellantis also aims to implement a decarbonization strategy for sustainable products and services, focusing on electrification, greenhouse gas emission criteria for suppliers, and a comprehensive circular economy approach.

In addition to its environmental efforts, Stellantis has implemented global policies to promote responsible practices. These include the Environmental and Energy Policy, Human Rights Policy, and Global Responsible Purchasing Guidelines. The company is committed to transforming into a sustainable mobility tech company, prioritizing reskilling, upskilling, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. It aims to have 30% of leadership positions held by women by 2025, with 27% already achieved.

Stellantis is not only focused on internal efforts but also actively supports education and empowerment through its foundation. It has initiated the Freedom of Mobility Forum, a platform for fact-based discussions on safe, affordable, and sustainable mobility in the face of global warming. The company believes in collaborative problem-solving to overcome the challenges associated with climate change.

The 2022 Stellantis CSR Report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s vision, targets, risks, and opportunities across six pillars of CSR policy. These pillars cover 22 topics, including climate change, human capital development, customer expectations, ethics promotion, responsible resource usage, and human rights protection. Stellantis remains transparent by publishing key metrics related to short-, medium-, and long-term targets for each CSR topic.

As Stellantis continues its journey towards sustainability, it remains aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The consolidation of data and practices since the company’s formation in January 2021 reflects its commitment to responsible corporate citizenship.

In summary, Stellantis is actively working towards its ambitious social and environmental goals. With a focus on decarbonization, responsible practices, and a holistic approach to sustainability, the company is making significant strides in addressing global challenges while driving positive change within the automotive industry.

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