Women take centre stage at Tech Up For Women-IFA Berlin 2021 Conference

The first international Tech Up For Women-IFA Berlin Conference will be held on Thursday, September 2, 2021, and streamed virtually around the world. 

Tech Up For Women, which has successfully run as a B2B New York City event, has expanded to the consumer technology arena, in partnership with IFA Berlin. This conference provides an opportunity to learn from top leaders, researchers and influential women in the field of technology. 

The conference will be offered virtually, providing a powerful forum for women to jump start and advance their careers through a better awareness of mainstream topics, timely current trends and pioneering technological advances. 

The day’s agenda is divided among presentations, panel discussions, quick Tech Up Talk power presentations, and end of day virtual networking opportunities. The agenda covers topics from digital transformation, blockchain, cybersecurity, 5G, fintech, entrepreneurship, interaction with the latest advancements in VR, AR, AI, robotics, coding, new products, services, collaboration and networking.

Dawn Pratt, Chief Executive of the Tech Up For Women Platform and Global Training & Events Group, said: “We are excited to bring Tech Up For Women to the IFA Berlin network and create new international opportunities for women to advance across the globe. The conference will give women, in any industry, the opportunity to be in step with current trends and to find new products that can positively impact their performance management. It will provide women with the opportunity to learn, to expand personal development and to create a stronger organisational culture by their newly increased tech knowledge. Tech Up For Women will shine a spotlight on women’s role in technological advancement: how women, through technology, can create and achieve their career goals and the latest ways to ‘tech up’.” 

Speakers include Barbara Humpton, President and CEO of Siemens USA; Dr. Christiani Zorn, Audi; Veronica Wolter, Accenture; Elica Kyoseva, Boehringer Ingelheim; Shahar Keinan, POLARISqb; Monique Morrow, Syniverse; and Lorna Martyn, Fidelity. 

Barbara Humpton, President and CEO of Siemens USA

Humpton said: “We won’t be going back to the way things were. We’re going forward and we’ll need women who recognise the power and potential of technology to help us shape the future.”

Dora Palfi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Imagilabs, said for technology to benefit everyone, we need diversity among its creators.

“If women do not have equal exposure and access to technology as a tool and as a career opportunity, we also miss out on an equal opportunity to shape our future,” Palfi said.

“I believe that women can and will identify markets and opportunities to use technology to solve problems that would otherwise remain underserved and overlooked.”

Jens Heithecker, Executive Vice President at Messe Berlin Group and IFA Executive Director, said the business is looking forward to hosting the Tech Up For Women-IFA Berlin Conference, to advance all women through technology.

Heithecker said: “IFA Berlin supports advancing all women through greater tech knowledge and looks forward to Tech Up For Women being live on stage 2022. The goal being to get women more comfortable using new technology, thereby creating advancement into critical tech leadership roles across a broad range of industries.

“Achieving greater success through technology will strengthen the pipeline of women in corporate leadership roles.”

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