Universal Electronics expands home entertainment solutions

A global leader in wireless controls for home entertainment and smart home devices, Universal Electronics, has announced a range of new solutions.

Universal Electronics’ QuickSet Cloud offering gives users a scalable platform for onboarding smart home devices. Universal says customers discovered over 1.6 billion devices in 2022, and that automating this process saved TV operators and installers over four million hours in time.  

Quickset has been described as an important part of major TV systems, and QuickSet smart home devices feature in LG TVs. As a whole, the platform has recently expanded to meet the protocols established by Matter. Furthermore, QuickSet has become a Matter-Certified Software Platform and is therefore designed to be interoperable with other devices.

“Our software product teams have developed next-generation software services that make connectivity work seamlessly with many platforms and standards in the consumer device industry,” said Arsham Hatambeiki, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology.

“We are proud to showcase groundbreaking solutions for consumers and customers that eliminate the headaches associated with everyday connectivity issues.”

UEI Virtual Agent

Other new offerings from Universal Electronics include the UEI Virtual Agent, described as an innovative self-service solution that lets users onboard devices with ease. The virtual agent gives users an automated step-by-step guide to onboard devices, as well as feature discovery and capabilities for troubleshooting. The UEI Virtual Agent is available as a TV app or as a web-based application, and can be bundled with Universal Electronics’ UEI NetReady services.

Universal has said it has plans to roll out new products such as EUI TIDE thermostats, along with the Nevo Butler smart home hub in 2023.

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