Wessel-Werk launch innovative new products – set to make cleaning easier and more efficient

The vacuum cleaner nozzle specialists Wessel-Werk have announced two major new arrivals: the Speed Glider, and the Electric Brush EBK 250.

The Speed Glider is marketed as “The fastest nozzle in the world”, as its innovative nozzle geometry and rounded design allow it to glide without resistance over carpet, ensuring a much quicker clean.

By changing the suction angle, the contact force can be individually adjusted at any time and adapted to the texture of the carpet. This, says Wessel-Werk, makes Speed Glider particularly comfortable to use and enables time-saving and a much more efficient cleaning process.

Wessel-Werk Speed Glider

Speed Glider is one of a variety of attachments for the “ClickBrush” multifunctional, customisable vacuum cleaner nozzle.

“The special thing about ClickBrush is that it can be extended with new functions again and again”, explained Wolfgang Geurden, Head of Marketing and Sales at Wessel-Werk. “Our latest innovation ‘Speed Glider’ is specially designed for carpet cleaning and is also characterised as ‘the fastest nozzle in the world’”.

Another special feature of ClickBrush is an upholstery nozzle, which is integrated into the carrier plate. It enables the cleaning of textile surfaces such as pillows, sofas or chairs and is immediately ready for use. An attachable brush ring transforms the upholstery nozzle into a dusting brush and enables gentle vacuuming of furniture, shelves and other surfaces without scratching them.

Key selling points:
  • Innovative design: The rounded underside allows maximum speed and comfortable working
  • Optimum dirt absorption: generous suction mouth for easy pick up of larger particles and coarse dirt
  • Multifunctional: Integrated upholstery nozzle for cleaning textile surfaces

Electric Brush EBK 250: the first electric brush for all vacuum cleaner types

Described as “versatile, powerful and stylish”, the EBK 250 electric brush from Wessel-Werk (pictured top of page) has been developed as a powerful solution for the ever-growing market segment of battery-powered stick cleaners, offering consistently excellent cleaning performance on all floors.

LED lights enable users to get a clearer view of the vacuum zone

The highlight: A replaceable brush roller allows individual adaptation to any surface. The practical design is completed by an integrated cleaning tool, LED lighting of the suction field, and ambient lighting in the nozzle interior.

In addition to battery-powered sticks, EBK 250 is the only electric brush that can also be used with mains-powered vacuum cleaner types, thanks to an innovative vacuum cleaner tube with a powerful, 3.5-ampere-hour lithium-ion battery pack.

Whether back, slide or drum vacuum cleaner: The power tube drives the brush roller without the need for an additional power supply by the vacuum cleaner and enables 90 minutes cleaning performance depending on the type of device.

This unique concept won the German Innovation Award in 2021 and the German Design Award in 2022.

Key selling points:
  • Winner of major industry awards
  • Highly versatile
  • LED lighting of suction field

Green is clean: New Dust Sensor makes invisible dust visible

Especially with carpets, it is often difficult to see the degree of dirt with the naked eye. Fine dust, crumbs and hair penetrate deep into the fibres and remain undetected. The new dust sensor, being launched this year at IFA, makes this dirt visible.

The adapter, which can be simply inserted between the nozzle and the suction pipe, measures the dust concentration in the vacuumed air via an integrated sensor. Coloured LEDs indicate the degree of dirt directly while vacuuming. This works according to the traffic light principle: while a red LED indicates heavy soiling, a yellow light shows a slightly soiled surface. If the LED lights up green, the floor is clean.

This makes the cleaning progress visible directly during vacuuming. The sensor thus enables to work much more efficiently: True to the motto green is clean, there is only a need for cleaning until the green light comes on. 

Meet Wessel-Werk @ IFA Berlin 2022: Hall 10.1 / 102


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