XPRO Berlin: the innovation hub developing hybrid events

Robert Eysoldt, Creative Consultant and Concept Developer at XPRO Berlin, gave interesting insights on the concept behind XPRO Berlin.

XPRO Berlin is an interdisciplinary innovation hub, developing hybrid concepts that involve online and on-site events. XPRO is an all year round platform. The goal is to connect professionals from different backgrounds and build teams and projects. “Experience technology” is the encompassing slogan. XPRO will offer talks and discussions at its stand at IFA in September. A special event will take place on September 5th, when there will be an immersive hour for audiences.

Project lead Patrick Leib of Messe Berlin was emphasising the massive impact of the interdisciplinary format of XPRO. “We are developing in collaboration with big players in the industry”, he said. Leib was clear on his intention to network during IFA in September and invited audience members at IMB to get in touch with him.

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