17 Jan 2023

Introducing All Lock a forward-thinking phone mount system from Lamicall


Introducing All Lock a forward-thinking phone mount system from Lamicall


Lamicall, a company specialising in wearables and phone mounts, has recently announced the new All Lock range, a versatile mount system for phones.

The All Lock is a universal phone mount system that can work with both IOS and Android smartphones. It features an innovative double-locking mechanism that can hold a phone against a force up to 20 kilogrammes. The dual security design is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. iPhone users should know that Lamicall’s All Lock product is compatible with MagSafe, and users can charge their phone while using the anti-drop product.  

“All Lock allows the user to enjoy an extremely convenient mounting experience with an intuitive attaching and detaching design while still ensuring the strongest grip a phone holder can ever provide,” Lamicall said of the product in a press release.

“The secret lies in Lamicall’s patented Align-N-Lock mechanism. Under its hood is a precisely arranged magnet array that evenly distributes magnetic force which allows the phone effortlessly to align and snap into place.” 

The All Lock has been described as a phone mount ecosystem, and comes with eight accessories included. The All Lock car mount supports wireless charging with output of up to 15 watts, while strap mounts for the armband and backpack are apparently ergonomically designed and purpose-built for intense exercises. Furthermore, the All Lock bike mount is an accessory that offers cyclists security for their phone while on the roads or on off-road trails. 

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