When design really matters: meet the Black Levantar from Miele

As kitchens increasingly become part of a larger living space, design becomes an essential ingredient. Miele’s brand new Black Levantar downdraft extractor, set to go on sale from October, is a perfect example.

Unobtrusively integrated into the worktop behind the hob unit, the new Miele downdraft extractor Black Levantar, as the name implies, rises above the surface from what is usually a strip of glass. When not in use, the extractor perfectly matches the black ceramic glass of Miele induction hobs. Only a gentle depression in the glass screen indicates the On/Off control and gives any indication to the presence of ventilation technology in the base unit.

With a Miele hob unit connected via the Con@ctivity feature, simply switching on the hob is sufficient for the sleek, matt black canopy made almost entirely of glass to glide gently into position (Hood in Motion).

The Black Levantar adds a new dimension to open kitchen design

Thanks to Con@ctivity, suction power adapts to work on the hob in three settings and two booster stages. Manual operation by reaching over the hob is no longer required. New, too, are the convenient controls using WiFi technology and the Miele app. Perfect illumination of the neighbouring hob unit is provided by dimmable three-stage LED lighting.

Key selling points:

  • Miele brand – meaning quality and durability
  • Slimline design saves space in base unit
  • Now available in two sizes, meaning greater flexibility in planning

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