Carol Electronics releases new AHNC Noise Cancelling Technology

With nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience, Carol Electronics is a global pioneer of noise-reduction vocal microphones and serves over 300 brand-name companies worldwide

The demand for stylish, noise-canceling handheld microphones has significantly increased over the past several years, as an emerging trend. With its “AHNC Active Noise Canceling” handheld microphones, Carol Electronics has successfully solved the annoying problem and provides users with an incredibly pleasant acoustic experience.

The Taiwanese company has a a remarkable 47-year track record for designing, developing, and manufacturing quality electroacoustic products. And the core technology behind the noise-canceling capability of AHNC microphones utilises the reverse connection of the upper and lower capsules to cancel the noises and maintain the authentic output of sounds. It also significantly reduces various vibration noises, such as handheld noise, vibration noise, linkage vibration noise, stage vibration noise, and electromagnetic noise, delivering clear and clean sound for a superior and enjoyable acoustic experience for the audience.

Another featured product of Carol Electronics is its Bluetooth multimedia audio and video system. This can successfully integrate audio and visual content to achieve multi-functional capabilities for its Bluetooth wireless audio and video amplifier. With technology such as “Dual video output”, the Bluetooth system is compatible with both HDMI and VGA output to connect with televisions, projectors and laptops. While audio inputs are amplified through the multimedia system.

While exhibiting visual media presentations, the output volume can be adjusted independently to make the teaching or presentation reporting more engaging. The Bluetooth system supports VGA, HDMI, UHF, Bluetooth, 3.5mm and 6.3mm/ 2.4g  and is compatible with all existing mainstream video and audio input and output devices.

With 47-year history, Carol Electronics has been entrusted by more than 300 OEM customers for its all-rounded product development and service packages. From product research and development, design, and manufacturing to shipment, the company delivers the internationally highest standard of quality control system. In addition, Carol Electronics owns more than 120 international patents from different countries. Its “Carol” brand is now a leader in the electroacoustic industry with product distributors in 17 countries worldwide.

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