CEATEC 2021 set to welcome participants to an “all online” trade show this Friday

The Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, better known as CEATEC 2021, which usually takes place in Japan each year, is happening exclusively online this year on 15 October, and is looking forward to welcoming participants and exhibitors to the show which is this year themed “Connecting Society, Co-Creating the Future”.

The online event, under the promotional slogan “Toward Society 5.0 with the New Normal” will be split into three sections – The General Exhibit Area, the Society 5.0 Area and the Co-Creation Park.

General Exhibit Area

The General Exhibit Area introduces a full range of solutions and products aimed at realising Society 5.0, as well as solutions and products that will revolutionise specific fields, industries, markets, and technologies, such as electronic components, devices and software that will support the realisation of Society 5.0.

Society 5.0 Area

The Society 5.0 Area introduces technologies and services as well as the initiatives of companies, organisations, and local governments that will become the new social infrastructure of the Society 5.0 era. The area will be organised under the three themes of Carbon Neutral, Super City/Smart City, and DX (Digital Transformation).

Co-Creation Park

The Startup & University Zone is for startups that have been in business for nine years or less (established after October 2012), as well as universities and academic institutions aiming to implement their research results into society. Each exhibitor will have its own page to introduce its products and solutions. In addition, there will be a Global Area for overseas organisations.

Nearly 300 exhibitors are expected across each of the three exhibition zones.

In addition to these three areas, there is also a number of planned and technical sessions as well as seminars that will be held, with global corporate executives and key persons from across industries and borders taking the stage. Topics covered will include carbon neutrality (green x digital), mobility (connected/flying car), 5G (mobile communication) and super city/smart city.

Finally, CEATEC will also be holding its 11th CEATEC Award this year. A panel of judges will be evaluating the exhibits and projects submitted in advance by exhibitors and those deemed most innovative, marketable and with most promising future potential will be shortlisted for a prize.

Among the prizes on offer are the CEATEC Award 2021 Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award (MIC Award), The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (METI Award) and the CEATEC 2021 Category Awards.

The MIC Award award will be selected from entries that are expected to make the greatest contribution to the advancement of the CPS/IoT society and the realisation of Society 5.0, such as the advanced use of information communications, networks, data, AI technology, and IoT technology in the age of IoT/Big Data, the provision of services based on the technologies, AI networking, and the use of IoT in local communities.

The METI Award will be given to that exhibitor expected to make the greatest contribution to the advancement of the CPS/IoT society and the realisation of Society 5.0 by creating new value through the use of AI, robotics, big data, and other technologies to solve problems and promote innovation in our lifestyles, society, businesses, and industries.

CEATEC 2021 Category Awards will go to winners in each of our four conference categories focused on A New Society in the Age of Society 5.0 Infrastructure Category. These include: Carbon Neutral, Super City/Smart City, and Digital Transformation. There will also be category awards with an open category. These include Solutions, Elemental Technologies/Devices, Startups & Universities.

CEATEC AWARD 2021 Panel of Judges

Composition of the review panel

Academic experts (listed in random order; tentative):

  • Information Processing Society of JapanThe Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
  • The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
  • The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

Mass media (listed in random order; tentative):

  • MM Research Institute
  • Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.
  • ICT Innovation Research Institute, a part of Institutes of Nikkei BP Intelligence Group
  • ITmedia, Inc.
  • Verizon Media Japan


  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan (MIC)
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan (METI);listed in order of establishment.

Sponsor of CEATEC 2021:

  • Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

Co-Sponsors of CEATEC 2021:

  • Communications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ)
  • Software Association of Japan (SAJ)

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