New household appliances by Changhong leverage latest technology

One of China’s leading consumer electronics and household appliances manufacturers has lifted the curtain on a new range of devices.

The range of products by Changhong includes 5G eco-friendly household appliances, as well as Mini LED TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. Changhong is considered to be a specialist in the fields of the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data and 5G segments, areas of expertise which inform the company’s production of smart household appliances.

Standout household appliances from Changhong include the Eva model air conditioner, apparently the first in the world that can support multiple languages as well as offline voice control. Changhong says the device “promises a better interactive experience with its support for eight languages alongside voice activation even in locales with no internet access.”

There is also the Dazzle UVC air conditioner, which uses a dual LED lamp, as well as a non-scale antiviral filter. Said filter works to disrupt bacteria, reportedly reaching 99.2% sterilisation. The air conditioner offers a high temperature of 58°C, in addition to self-cleaning and mould removal features.

The company’s updated Space Pro refrigerator is another key takeaway from the range. The Space Pro Refrigerator offers 3D double curved glass doors, along with GLS integrated technology. With a slick build that does not take up much floor space, the refrigerator also can reportedly activate the water molecules in the food that is stored in order preserve their freshness.

Along with its household appliances, Changhong also revealed its latest curved screen monitor and commercial display screens.

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