More than €5 billion spent by consumers on PC gaming hardware and accessories in 2021

The figure is reportedly up 25% from 2020, which itself was up 62% from 2019. Desktop computers were the most in-demand product, with sales rising by 38% in 2021. Notebook computers rose by 29% compared to 2020, while PC microphones sold 25% more in 2021. Out of all computer gaming accessories, PC microphones had the highest unit volume growth at 27%. They were followed by monitors at 17%, and notebook computers at 16%.

As well as this, cloud-based and non-console virtual reality products increased in sales in 2021. NPD reports that digital PC content generated around €7.03bn (US$7.9bn) in 2021, compared to €4,46bn (US$5bn) in 2020. 

Naturally, an increase in computer gaming accessories is believed to be linked to an increase in computer gaming. It is reported that gamers spent 7.7 hours playing per week in 2021. That time was 6.7 hours in 2020. 

“In 2021, the PC platform generated record consumer spending and engagement, further proving that the oldest game platform may indeed still be the industry’s best,” said Mat Piscatella, games industry analyst at the NPD Group in a statement.

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