2 Nov 2021

Edimax launches new network communication solutions for the European market

Edimax launches new network communication solutions for the European market

Edimax Technology, a leading manufacturer of advanced network communication solutions, has announced the launch of a series of new products including Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, Smart Surveillance Network Switches, and Industrial IoT USB Wi-Fi Solutions.

These most recent solutions, which consist of PrimeAX 1-2-3 and Office 1-2-3 access points, ONVIF conformant GbE switches with copper/SFP ports, and ending off with the renowned Edimax USB wireless dongle series, are destined for the European market, where demand for robust and upgraded network connectivity is high.

The technology is expected to be used in verticals such as education, healthcare, eCommerce, banking, financial services and insurance and in IT and telecom.

Simplified Embedded IoT Solution for Industrial IoT

The Edimax embedded solution provides possibilities with a vast amount of world-class certification, exceptional quality, and unique customisation for deploying wireless communication to telecom equipment, IoT gadgets, multimedia electronics, and automotive devices.

The Embedded Wireless Solution, meanwhile, is suitable for different application setup environments, such as for smart homes, manufacturers, warehouses, retailers, commerce, sports tech, entertainment, healthcare, and more. The complete product line offers compact-size wireless modules or USB dongles that convert conventional product integration into the future of AIoT.

ONVIF Surveillance Switches

The four ONVIF Video Surveillance GbE Network Switches are all certified by official ONVIF standards and compatible with thousands of ONVIF compliant G/S/A/C/T/M profiles. These innovative devices have been put through strict authentication and are made to combat cybersecurity threats, the company said.

“We help small and medium-sized enterprises quickly set up video surveillance network systems with a high degree of security, saving time and money”, said a spokesman for Edimax. “With just one click, the network switch can strengthen real-time video surveillance security without sacrificing the transmission quality of both data and surveillance traffic.”

Wi-Fi 6 Managed System | PrimeAX 1-2-3

The newest Edimax AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Smart Managed Wi-Fi System: PrimeAX 1-2-3, is an enterprise-grade intelligent management wireless network solution and adopts IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 technology with wireless speed up to 1800Mbps (574Mbps for 2.4GHz and 1201Mbps for 5GHz). The PrimeAX 1-2-3 provides SMBs with ultra-fast network speed and unparalleled deployment simplicity, driving enterprises to upgrade their network environment with Wi-Fi 6 solutions.

In addition, Edimax has a complete line of SMB network products, including the best-selling Office 1-2-3 Office Wi-Fi series.

Edimax is part of the Taiwan Excellence programme, organised by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), and is a regular exhibitor at IFA on the Taiwan Excellence stand which showcases the best of Taiwanese innovation.

Key Selling Points

  • ONVIF Video Surveillance GbE Network Switches (GS-5210PL, GS-5216PLC, GS-5424PLC V2, GS-5424PLX )
  • Smart Wi-Fi Access Point ( PrimeAX 1-2-3, and Office 1-2-3 )
  • Simplified Embedded IoT Solution ( USB Wi-Fi dongles )

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