Fitbit Charge 5 – “the most advanced yet”

Fitbit has launched what it is calling its most advanced fitness tracker to date – the Fitbit Charge 5, which can help users monitor their fitness, stress, heart health, sleep and overall wellbeing, all in a design that is 10% thinner than its predecessor.

Available for pre-order from late September, those who purchase a Fitbit Charge 5 will get six months of Fitbit Premium included, offering deeper insights, actionable guidance and a range of more than 500 workouts, as well as mindfulness and nutrition sessions “to empower you to do what’s best for your body each day”, the company says. 

Charge 5 has an aerodynamic design, is optimised for performance and engineered for a seamless fit, the company says. With a new AMOLED colour display, Charge 5 is Fitbit’s first tracker with an always-on display option for added convenience to see stats or while training. The display is also two times brighter than its predecessor.

With the swipe of a finger, users can view their stats, make contactless payments, receive/send notifications from/to a smartphone (quick replies with Android only), and choose from 20 clock faces. 

The new Daily Readiness experience and a score given each morning, means users can determine whether they are ready for a workout or should prioritise recovery instead.

The device is able to offer suggestions such as a recommended target Active Zone Minutes goal, along with Premium content to help the user make the best decisions for your body.

Access is also given to more than 200 workouts from certified trainers and popular brands. Charge 5 is Fitbit’s first tracker to include an EDA sensor, which measures the body’s response to stress to help users reduce their heart rate

More than 300 meditation and mindfulness sessions from brands and experts are available, such as Ten Percent Happier and Mindful Method by Deepak Chopra to help manage stress.

Fitbit has also announced a partnership with Calm, the #1 App for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, which will soon provide Premium members with access to Calm content.

Fitbit for heart health

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is the world’s most common heart rhythm condition, and since launching the ECG app on Sense, users have taken more than four million assessments, Fitbit says. The ECG app will be available soon on Charge 5.

A heart rate tracker provides notifications when the user is above or below their personal ranges. The health metrics dashboard in the Fitbit app includes breathing rate, skin temperature variation and SpO2. 

Sleep tracking tools include daily Sleep Score, Sleep Stages and SmartWake alarms.

Key selling points:

  • 10% thinner than its predecessor
  • Two times brighter than its predecessor
  • Brighter OLED Colour display

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