Haier partners with GfK to leverage an innovative AI-powered analytics tool

Haier Europe and GfK have announced the strategic partnership with gfknewron, a new intelligence platform that provides “always-on access” to the latest market and consumer data to help make real-time business decisions.

Haier Europe operates in extremely competitive marketplaces, and the coronavirus pandemic has added another level of complexity, making consumer and market behaviour much harder to predict. Having access to the very latest market data is thus increasingly essential for the company. With a clear focus on making appliances more intelligent, the manufacturer uses gfknewron in four key categories: Cooling, Cooking, Washing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners across four markets: Italy, France, Germany and Russia.

gfknewron, a new service launched by GfK, provides market intelligence that can be used both tactically and strategically.

Real-time access to the latest information allows the manufacturer to respond rapidly to changes in market share, product prices and demand, channel performance, promotions and marketing activity to drive sustainable growth across its product suite and business.

With gfknewron at its foundation, Haier Europe is reportedly better able to develop the products that retailers can sell, and that consumers really want, ensuring its NPD strategy delivers true return on investment. A core component of this approach is to ensure that the process of innovation is always customer centric, and up-to-date, actionable consumer intelligence from gfknewron is essential to meet that goal.

Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva, Chief Marketing Officer at GfK stated: “Haier Europe is a pioneer and innovator in developing intelligent electronic goods and home appliances, and we’re delighted that they have chosen to use gfknewron as their source of market and consumer intelligence and insight to support their business. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

Gianpiero Morbello, Head of Brand & IoT of Haier Europe said: “As an innovator ourselves, we appreciate the foresight and thought that has gone into the development of gfknewron, a tool we believe will revolutionise the delivery of market intelligence. It’s essential for us that all our partnerships add value to our end consumers, and this is a prime example such a relationship. Not only does it give us real-time access to the latest data to help us continually improve our performance in-market, but it has become our go-to source to inform our approach to innovation, which is an important market differentiator for us.”

Photo – top of page – John Schnobrich / Unsplash

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