Kuvings “goes the extra mile” when it comes to R&D in 2022 for high-end juice extraction

Kuvings has grown into a leader in kitchen health appliances by building a solid foundation in the global home appliance market with its independent technology and differentiated product competitiveness.

In the process, there were many trials and errors of developing product, but the company believes this has laid the foundation for further progress while creating more complete products.

Now, Kuvings is making ceaseless efforts to become a global top-tier company, trusted by customers around the world. In particular, Kuvings’ signature juicer, the “EVO820”, built on the basis of long-standing technology and knowledge, is a product that has been consistently receiving favorable reviews by overseas buyers.

The mechanism of juicing whole fruits and vegetables, how far will it go?

Kuvings always shows amazing, even unexpected technology. The premium juicer, EVO820, is equipped with a wider 82mm feeding chute compared to the previous model, meaning whole ingredients can be inserted and juiced.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820

▶One flap gate for convenience and practicality

EVO820 can further reduce ingredient handling and juicing time. Juicing is easier if the user inserts the whole ingredients in an 82mm One-Flap Gate, without cutting large ingredients such as oranges, pomegranates or lemons.

Oxidation and browning that occurs in the process of pre-trimming the fruits is thus minimised, allowing one to taste juice that is full of nutrients for a much longer period.

▶Healthy taste of premium juice

It is possible to make fresh premium juice with preserved taste and nutrients by applying the “low-speed pressing method”, which means the fruit is pressed gently without grinding. The resulting juice is very “clean” with a soft texture and no foreign substances.

▶Ease of cleaning

EVO820 has a wider pulp outlet compared to the existing juicer, making cleaning more convenient and improving the pulp ejection power by minimising the amount of pulp inside the drum.

▶Excellent juice performance based on guaranteed quality

The unit is equipped with a motor that boasts stronger power than the previous motors to realise excellent juicing performance. The motor, with improved durability, can be used for a long time, and its design also reduces noise and vibration, allowing it to be used quietly regardless of location.

The excellent product power of EVO820, Kuvings’ signature juicer, has already been proven. EVO820 was selected and recognised worldwide as “Best Juicer of 2021” by international magazines such as Ideal Home, a British interior magazine, and GQ magazine, also in the UK.

▶Luxurious design

EVO820 has also received a great deal of recognition in the design sector. The product that has won international awards such as the “Red Dot Award” in Germany and the “US Spark Award”, which are world-class design awards. The left-right symmetrical stable structure and soft body line give the unit a simpler look and feel.

▶Practical 3-in-1 multi-function

Most consumers prefer practical home appliances. EVO820 provides strainer options that can make everything from juice, smoothies and ice cream to meet the needs of consumers. As long as the user changes the optional strainer, he or she can easily make various desserts, such as juice, smoothies and ice cream with one juicer.

As people’s interest in healthy eating habits has increased due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, the demand for the juicer market is expected to expand further in the future. Kuvings is expected to grow into a company that captivates numerous customers by increasing its share of the kitchen appliance sector in the global market in the future through continuous R&D investment and reinforcement of independent technology.

Key Selling Points

  • Assurance of healthy living thanks to exceptionally fresh juice
  • Strong engine – giving silent performance and plenty of stamina
  • Voted “best juicer of the year”


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