Hotpoint launches new tumble dryers

Hotpoint has launched a new range of tumble dryers, designed to protect fabrics and keep clothes looking their best, whilst making the chore of laundry more convenient for the user.

Part of the new range, which includes condenser and vented models, is the 9kg condenser tumble dryer (H3 D91B UK) that takes care of laundry while providing the user with options to personalise selected cycles to suit their individual needs. 

What’s more, the tumble dryer boasts the longest crease care solution on the market thanks to its 10H Crease Care function, which gently tumbles clothes for up to 10 hours after the cycle has ended. This, Hotpoint said, prevents creases and bad odours, keeping laundry fresh and soft. Ideal for busy households when the consumer is unable to unload the laundry immediately.

The appliance (H3 D91B UK) has been designed to ensure that fabrics are protected whilst being dried. The 9kg condenser tumble dryer benefits from an anti-rub drum, which boasts a wavy pattern and paddles that gently lifts the laundry to create an air cushion. This ensures fabrics stay soft by reducing friction to ultimately take better care of the user’s items.

The 9kg condenser tumble dryer benefits from an anti-rub drum

For added convenience, when the user is in a hurry, Hotpoint said the Rapid 30 cycle takes care of smaller loads in just 30 minutes. 

During the pandemic, insights showed a 34% increase in UK consumers being interested in appliances with sanitising programmes. The Hotpoint tumble dryer (H3 D91B UK) benefits from 15 programmes, including a Hygiene cycle, which uses high heat to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria without the need for chemical additives. 

The appliance also benefits from a smaller and lighter easy-to-clean filter, which has been designed to be simple to remove and maintain, so consumers can enjoy long-lasting performance of the dryer with minimal fuss. 

Kimberley Garner, Hotpoint’s Brand Manager, said: “We are pleased to launch our new range of vented and condenser tumble dryers. Our tumble dryer factory uses 100% green energy and is zero waste to landfill certified. All materials are responsibly recycled and reused, from manufacture to delivery. 

“With a huge choice of programmes and options, drying your laundry has never been easier. We understand that our consumers love their clothes and want to keep them looking their best, which is why our tumble dryers care for clothes and protect fabrics whilst also ensuring the load is dry with minimal creasing, reducing the time spent ironing.” 

Key selling points

  • Hygiene programme, which removes up to 99.9% of bacteria 
  • Rapid 30 cycle that dries clothes in just 30 minutes
  • Options to personalise selected programmes
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