4 Mar 2022

Huawei unveils innovative new 10Gbps home and SME networking solutions

Huawei unveils innovative new 10Gbps home and SME networking solutions

Chinese electronics and communications giant Huawei has unveiled a new greener and more sustainable home networking solution offering “More Bits, Less Watts” – The Huawei Green Intelligent OptiX Network.

The fibre-based Wi-Fi networking solution – FTTR (Fibre To The Room) gigabit all-optical room solution for home and SMEs is different from traditional networking solutions, according to Huawei.

It extends fibres to every room, leading the latest optical network revolution, the company says, and fibres are recognised as the fastest transmission medium in the industry.

With four advantages, this method of transmission has become a “dark horse” in the communications industry, Huawei adds.

  • Fast speed: Fibres are recognised as the fastest transmission media in the industry and can achieve 10Gbps or even 100Gbps transmission capability. Fibres deployed in the entire home can be upgraded to 10Gbps in the future, without the need of re-cabling.
  • Low cost: The fibre industry is mature and the market is stable. The average price of fibres is 50% lower than that of network cables, reducing the reconstruction cost.
  • Easy reconstruction: The size of fibres is about 15% of that of normal network cables. Fibres are thin and easy to be routed through pipes.
  • Environment-friendly: Sand (silicon dioxide) is used as raw material, which is more environment-friendly and sustainable.

Since the breakout of COVID-19, digitalisation and intelligence have developed rapidly according to Huawei, with people increasingly relying on the digital world for connection with family and for work.

New services such as online education, live broadcast, 8K movies, immersive entertainment (VR/cloud games), and smart-home are rapidly emerging. On the other hand, digital transformation and cloudification of small and micro enterprises have become a trend.

High-bandwidth and low-latency applications, such as video conferencing and cloud desktop, are becoming increasingly popular, and necessary, as people continue to work from home, but internet networks and typical broadband often have trouble dealing with this extra load, Huawei says.

According to the Chinese brand, its FTTR gigabit all-optical room solution solves these problems and has set off a boom in China. Chinese operators released FTTR services and launched packages in 65 provinces and cities in China last year. Up to now, the number of FTTR users in China has exceeded 150,000. In addition, 20 operators outside China have started pilot projects, Huawei said.

Finally, in terms of sustainability, research shows that a communications network is idle for 80% of the time. Dynamic power adjustment of devices is critical to energy saving and emission reduction of an entire network, Huawei says. Starting from the home, access, and transport segments of a communications network, Huawei provides a series of intelligent power consumption management solutions for ONTs, OLTs, and OTNs based on the concept of “Bits Manage Watts” to reduce power consumption.

Richard Jin, president of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, said, “The value of Huawei Green Intelligent OptiX Network for operators lies in greatly reducing network power consumption. At the same time, we are committed to accelerating the green development of various industries through continuous innovation and upgrade of ICT technologies.”

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Photo – top of page: Richard Jin, president of Huawei Optical Business Product Line

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