LG Smart Cam: Enhancing user interaction with Smart TVs

The LG Smart Cam offers immersive interaction, optimises home fitness sessions, and expands the entertainment experience for LG TV users

With its advanced features, the LG Smart Cam enhances user experience and provides added value for those seeking convenient interactions, personalised fitness sessions, and enjoyable entertainment.

Key Selling Points :

  1. Immersive Interaction: The LG Smart Cam provides users with an immersive user experience by enabling seamless video calls and video conferencing with LG TVs. With its built-in microphones, it ensures crystal-clear audio quality without the need for additional peripherals
  2. Enhanced Home Fitness: Through apps like Exercite and FlexIt, users can track their movements and receive real-time feedback to improve their performance. The Smart Cam is also designed to create an interactive and motivating environment for fitness enthusiasts
  3. Expanded Entertainment Options: The LG Smart Cam opens up new avenues for entertainment. With apps like Fun Mirror and 1M HomeDance, users can explore fun filters, photo effects, and editing options for entertaining selfies

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