The new healthy way to listen: LIVALL introduces open ear headphones for sports enthusiasts

LIVALL has announced the LTS21: highly innovative 2-in-1 detachable open-ear headphones with premium sound quality – adding a new facet of safety for cyclists wishing to listen to music while on a ride.


Until today, when cyclists have wanted to listen to music, the instant choice had been that of in-ear headphones, but whichever way they were used, they created a barrier to outside sounds… a barrier that could prove at times to be perilous.

LIVALL, the pioneering smart helmet brand which since its inception in 2014, has grown to become the established leader in the smart helmet field, has come up with a highly innovative solution. Not unusual, as the company’s mission is to be the world’s “best innovation company in smart safety protection”. LIVALL is dedicated to smart sports equipment and specialised in the development of smart helmets, riding community app, nano-cadence sensors, smart bicycles, and smart accessories. With their main focus on product innovation and product experience, they have received recognition from the industry and end-users having been granted 30+ awards and medals at home and abroad.

The new healthy way to listen: open ear means healthy ears

The “completely open” design means nothing enters the ear canal, which in turn means keeping the user’s ear protected from bacterial infection. By the same token, for cyclists, the fact that the ear is free to hear important external noises is a major safety feature. Furthermore, the headphones can be simply adapted to “clip on” to LIVALL smart helmets.

The LIVALL engineers have paid particular attention to sound quality, with the LTS21 delivering Hi-Fi sound, with directional acoustics. With a 16.2mm speaker, the LIVALL LTS21 2-in-1 detachable headphone has been calibrated in layering, space, bass tone, and clarity by an international acoustic team, resulting in a premium listening experience. With four high-quality silicon microphones, users are able to make crystal clear calls, thanks also to environmental noise cancellation.

Featuring ENC and Bluetooth 5.2, design is elegant, with colour contrast giving a sense of luxury quality. Structural design is inspired from the combination of traditional Chinese tenon structure and modern technology.

IP64 protection rating means the LTS21 is water and dust resistant, as well of course as being sweat and fog resistant.

Smart safety is the number one priority for LIVALL, which can be seen by its 170+ global patents, 58 of which are product invention patents, along with 40 industrial recognised international awards. All LIVALL products have passed strict technical and safety certification for users, establishing unparalleled consumer confidence in the products available.

Key selling points:

  • Open ear technology means safer cycling and improved hygiene
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Long lasting batteries


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