6 Jan 2022

Netgear launch Game Booster service to improve online gaming


Netgear launch Game Booster service to improve online gaming


Netgear have launched another product to optimise performance for the online gaming community. The company had previously earned plaudits for its Nighthawk line of routers, which include tools that enhance network performance for online gaming. Now, the company has unveiled Netgear Game Booster, a new subscription service that seeks to optimise online gaming for Obi mesh Wi-Fi users.

Netgear Game Booster will reportedly use the same tools found in products like the Nighthawk XR1000 Router. Much like the Nighthawk Gaming application, users will be able to access metrics and data to help prioritise connectivity. The service will allow users to choose the servers they connect to, based on factors like location and popularity. Users will also have the option to set and reserve bandwidths for downloads and uploads.

According to reports, Netgear Game Booster will also feature an in-built ad-blocker, with a block list that updates itself frequently. Users are given the option to choose which domains and devices are blocked, and also to see the data on how effective this service is.

Netgear Game Booster will be compatible with the Orbi Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 mesh system. Specifically, it will operate with the 750 and 850 models, along with the 960 series Orbi Quad-band 6E Wi-Fi mesh system. The service will cost around €44.30 ($49.99) a year.

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