Optoma launches new 4K UHD55 projector for home entertainment and gaming

Projectors have become a key sector of the home entertainment industry, with researchers estimating a €1.8 billion ($1.9 billion) valuation of the portable projector market in 2025. With this in mind, Optoma USA have launched a versatile new product to capitalise on the rising popularity of these devices: the UHD55 – a 4K DLP projector.

The UHD55 has been described as a “gaming and home entertainment projector”. It features a resolution of 3,480 x 2,160 pixels, being able to project a variety of display sizes.

Key technical details include a 240-W lamp light source, which reportedly can offer up to 15,000 hours of use before needing maintenance. Brightness level is 3,600 ANSI lumens, so viewers can enjoy gaming or watch media without worrying about daylight disrupting the experience.

“The new Optoma UHD55 combines top-of-the-line features to meet the needs of home entertainment enthusiasts, delivering on image quality, performance and functionality – all at a market-leading price”, said Allen Pestell, Optoma’s head of product marketing.

The device is available for around €1,703 ($1,799).

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