PNY announces new gaming DDR5 memory modules

PNY have announced specifications and availability for their upcoming Desktop Performance and XLR8 Gaming DDR5 memory products.

The three models include the overclocked XLR8 Gaming Mako and Mako RGB models, running at 5600MHz and a CAS latency of 36, as well as the PNY Performance model that follows JEDEC standards.

The XLR8 Gaming Mako and Mako RGB modules have been designed to meet the needs of gamers and enthusiasts. The designs for both modules feature aluminum heat spreaders with elements inspired by the Mako shark from which they get their name. An XLR8 logo and Gaming text is emblazoned on the side of the module and silver angled relief lines are machined into the heat spreader to reflect other components’ lighting and provide unmatched flair and style.

The Mako RGB model comes equipped with super bright RGB LEDs which are diffused with a geometric polymer light pipe offering a superior RGB lighting experience. Users will be able to control their module lighting with major motherboard RGB control and sync software, delivering a seamless user experience.

PC users looking to upgrade to DDR5, but don’t require the additional flair or out-of-the-box overclocking, aluminum heat spreader or RGB illumination of the Mako line, the PNY Performance DDR5 is a great upgrade that takes advantage of the latest in DRAM technology.

PNY say they have been rigorously testing these modules with their motherboard partners, including ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI, to ensure the most extensive compatibility and aggressive overclocking possible. During the comprehensive testing XLR8 Gaming Mako modules have been pushed up to 6400MHz. DDR5 kits featuring this “out of the box” overclocked performance will be available in Q4.

As all models are compatible with Intel XMP 3.0, XLR8 Gaming Mako is able to deliver extreme overclocking and allows users to easily get the most out of their Mako DDR5 modules. Top-tier components and select ICs combine to deliver aggressive speed, low latency and the bullet-proof reliability gamers and enthusiasts rely on PNY for.

With the recent announcement of Intel Alder Lake CPUs, DDR5 will soon become the standard for gamers, enthusiasts and modders for creating the best computing experience. Additional CPU manufacturers are expected to release processors with DDR5 support in 2022.

PNY Performance DDR5 4800MHz Desktop Memory will be available mid-November.

Key Selling Points:

  • Ultra-fast memory
  • Cool LED effects
  • Strong branding from PNY
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