SimWin Sports gains momentum with celebrity owners and investors

The digital sports league SimWin Sports is picking up pace with support from athletes, celebrities and investors.

Basketball icon Magic Johnson recently invested in SimWin Sports, joining the likes of Penny Hardaway, Jerry Rice and LaMelo Ball in supporting the venture.

“I’m so excited to be involved with SimWin, which is blazing a trail in one of the hottest new business sectors and has a great team leading the charge”, said Johnson in a statement to Forbes.

“This multi-billion-dollar business is about to take off and the SimWin model is an excellent way for sports fans to get involved in this groundbreaking opportunity. I look forward to contributing to its growth and success”.

SimWin Sports notably merges together a variety of popular trends: evergreen interests like sports and gaming, along with rising trends like Web3 and the metaverse.

The digital sports league is built on Web3 technology. Web3 is described as a new concept of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology, with key concepts of decentralisation and token-based economics.

“Each player ownership presents a fun and unique business opportunity, sharing in multiple league revenue streams, earning salaries, performance bonuses, fantasy sports and secondary marketplace revenues”, SimWin Sports said in a statement.

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