Smeg launches new award-winning hand mixer & coffee maker

Italian appliance brand Smeg has announced the launch of its latest kitchen gadget, the HMF01 hand mixer, which features the brand’s iconic 1950’s retro styling and a compact design.

Despite its small size, the hand mixer runs at a powerful 250W and offers plenty of functionality, including nine different speed variations and a turbo function, plus it includes three attachments: wire whisks, beaters and dough hooks, plus a cloth storage bag for their safe keeping.

Its operation is simple yet smart, says Smeg, with just three buttons located on the handle: an on/off switch and two accompanying buttons – “plus” and “minus” – to increase and decrease the speed.

The mixer also features a backlit LED screen that displays the chosen speed as well as a handy timer, showing both minutes and seconds, for ease and accuracy when whipping up new recipes and closely following instructions.

The hand mixer comes in Smeg’s traditional colourways including Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pink, Cream, Red, Black and White so users can mix and match with other Smeg appliances, both small and large. It has also received an international Good Design award 2021, Smeg says.

BCC02 Bean to Cup coffee machine

Also new from Smeg is the BCC02 Bean to Cup coffee machine. Like the mixer, it features the 1950’s retro styling but with a contemporary and sleeker finish, thanks to a stylish brushed aluminium and soft touch matte exterior Smeg says.  In addition the manufacturer says the controls have been ergonomically integrated into the design for a smooth finish.

The coffee machine is compact but has a range of features which promise to grind and brew a cup of coffee to perfection from start to finish with the touch of a button. It features intuitive soft touch control and users can choose from an array of coffee styles and grinding levels.

According to Smeg, the BCC02 allows users to experiment and discover the optimum coffee experience for them. Offering a primary and secondary menu function, the BCC02 will pour ristretto coffee, espresso, americano, and as well as hot water.

In addition, different strengths and levels can also be selected via the touch menu. For those who prefer lattes, macchiatos or cappuccinos, frothy milk can be produced at the touch of a button and the machine will grind coffee to the perfect texture, depending on your beverage of choice, Smeg says.

The BCC02 features a one touch menu which grinds and prepares coffee beans almost instantly, while a Thermoblock system quickly heats water, so users can enjoy their personalised beverage in a matter of seconds. It has a 1.4 litre capacity which equals six cups of coffee, and the adjustable cup holder and nozzle height means users can use any mug they choose.

Other useful features include a descaling alarm which alerts the user to when the machine needs to be descaled and users can adjust the machine’s settings based on the area’s water hardness, helping to promote the longevity of the coffee machine.

The BCC02 is available now in Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Taupe and Matte White. Like the mixer, it has also won a 2021 Good Design Award.

Key Selling Points

HMF01 Hand Mixer

  • Powerful 250W running speed
  • Nine speed variations
  • Retro design

BCC02 Bean to Cup coffee machine

  • Intuitive soft touch controls
  • One touch menu
  • 1.4 litre capacity

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