18 Apr 2022

TCL Europe introduces multi-disciplinary “fully integrated ecosystem” for 2022

TCL Europe introduces multi-disciplinary “fully integrated ecosystem” for 2022


A swathe of new products have been announced by TCL across all categories during the company’s European press conference.

The product launch, held on 12 April, saw TCL Electronics, one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, reinforcing its position in home comfort and entertainment with the launch of its latest domestic appliance products including new washing machines, and an expanded AI x IoT ecosystem for 2022 with new connected robot vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

The company is also introducing its new C Series Mini LED QLED TVs with the most advanced and smart features, and further technology upgrades for its latest generation of Mini LED models.

The 2022 range also includes a series of new soundbars, including one with the second generation of the company’s award-winning RAY•DANZ technology.

Products will be available in the UK by the second half of 2022.

Growing line-up of major and small domestic appliances

This year, TCL will introduce the P2 Series washing machines[1], with steam programs to eliminate most common bacteria and ensure the most hygienic results and protection. The smart auto-dosing system intelligently calculates the precise amount of detergent, softener and water necessary for each cycle. The new TCL P2 series washer & dryer[2] also features the Air Refresh Program that removes odours in only 25 minutes without any detergent needed.

Breeva Pro series 700

The company is also building on the success of its range of intelligent IoT small domestic appliances launched in Europe in December 2021, with new models of Sweeva robot vacuum cleaners (Sweeva 3000M and 3500M) and Breeva air purifiers (Breeva Pro series 700 and 400) due for release in 2022[3]. These smart devices can be controlled by the TCL Home App, and are also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

New C Series TVs

This year again, driven by its new brand signature Inspire Greatness, the manufacturer has worked on new smart Mini LED and QLED TVs to offer connected entertainment through the best technology.

With the ambition of becoming the top player in the Mini LED TV sector, the company has made significant improvements in Mini LED technology. TCL Mini LED TVs now offer an even better visual experience to users with higher and more precise contrast, higher brightness, less blooming, and a better uniformity.

The new Red Dot Design Award winners TCL C93K and C83K Mini LED series TVs featuring Google TV deliver the finest cinematic home theatre and entertainment experience, for watching movies and TV shows, video gaming, communicating by video call, home fitness and more. TCL C93K Series[4] is the TCL flagship 4K Mini LED TV with its integrated full sound system and its thousands of Mini LEDs with almost 2,000+ Local dimming zones[5]. On the other hand, the TCL C93K Series[6] is the company’s flagship 4K Mini LED TV with its integrated full sound system and its thousands of Mini LEDs with almost 2,000+ Local dimming zones[7]. On the other hand, the TCL C83K Series[8] combines the latest generation Mini LED, QLED, 4K HDR Premium 1000, 144Hz Motion Clarity Pro for powerfully precise contrast, and sharp and colourful HDR picture quality.

In the TCL QLED TV range, the new C73K Series[9] combines QLED, 4K HDR Pro, and 144Hz Motion Clarity Pro with smooth, sharp and colourful HDR picture quality for all gaming and entertainment lovers. What’s more, with Game Master Pro, HDMI 2.1, ALLM, 144Hz VRR, Freesync Premium, TCL Game Bar and the latest HDR formats supported (including HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ), this TCL TV will be the best companion to enjoy any HDR movie, sports, or games. To offer European consumers endless entertainment possibilities, TCL just launched the TCL C63K Series[10].

Finally, to provide a “complete TV range and affordable technology meeting all consumers’ expectations”, TCL is also launching its new 4K HDR TVs with Android TV: the TCL P73K Series and P63K Series.

Major steps in the field of audio

In pursuit of an even better immersive audio experience, as a leader in the Dolby Atmos soundbar segment in Europe, TCL developed and introduced RAY•DANZ technology in 2020. Featuring rearward angled speakers that beam sound waves towards curved acoustic reflector units, it creates a wider and homogeneous soundstage (compared to mainstream soundbars) without any digital processing and no compromising on audio quality, clarity, or accuracy.

In 2022, TCL is launching the second generation of RAY•DANZ technology, with the new Red Dot Design Award winner TCL C935U Soundbar: a flagship 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos soundbar empowered by RAY•DANZ technology, to “match the Dolby Vision picture quality of TCL TVs”.

This spring, to offer more entertainment choices for all users, the company is also introducing a new affordable, fully complete and easy to set up soundbar (TCL S522W) and a sophisticated 3.1 channel high quality soundbar with wireless subwoofer with 350W audio power (TCL P733W).

Increasing market share

According to Omdia, the global market share of TCL TVs continued to increase to 11.5% in 2021, firmly ranking No. 3 worldwide. Global revenue from TCL’s TV Business increased by 24,3% year-on-year to HK$49.27 billion (€5.82bn), and TCL also ranked No.2 in the LCD TV market share globally in 2021.

The company achieved significant growth in the sales volume of mid-to-high-end smart screens: the sales volume of QLED TV and Mini LED TVs increased by 53.8% and 50.5% year-on-year, respectively. In Europe, with the success of its 2021 QLED and Mini LED C Series, TCL had spectacular achievements and a high growth momentum, reaching a sales revenue for TCL TVs up by 52.2% year-on-year.

In 2022, the company will accelerate its domestic appliance strategy in Europe and provide a growing line-up of home lifestyle products to meet consumers’ new expectations for healthy living and an easier life at home.

  • [1] TCL P2 Series washing machines exist in 8kg, 9kg and 10kg.
  • [2] TCL P2 Series washer&dryer exists in 8kg with 5kg drying capacity.
  • [3] The 2-in-1 Sweeva 3000M and 3500M vacuum cleaners will be available in Europe in May. The Breeva Pro Series 700 and 400 air purifiers will be available in Europe in June.
  • [4] Available in 75’’ and 65’’
  • [5] 1,920 Local dimming zones on 75’’ / 1,080 Local dimming zones on 65’’
  • [6] Available in 75’’ and 65’’
  • [7] 1,920 Local dimming zones on 75’’ / 1,080 Local dimming zones on 65’’
  • [8] Available in 65’’/55’’
  • [9] Available in 65’’/55’’
  • [10] Available in 75’’/65’’/55’’/50’’/43’’


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