Upliance.ai releases India’s first ChatGPT-powered smart cooking assistant

Upliance.ai launches the country’s only smart cooking appliance with ChatGPT, incorporating the artificial intelligence chatbot into its flagship product DelishUp

Indian start-up Upliance.ai has integrated the much talked-about AI chatbot ChatGPT into its flagship smart cooking assistant, DelishUp. Launched earlier this year, DelishUp is a smart home appliance that automates cooking and now, with the inclusion of ChatGPT, can create customised AI-assisted recipes.

“With DelishUp, our mission has always been to get more homes in India cooking, and the integration of ChatGPT is a major step in that direction. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of bringing truly smart and connected technology to Indian homes,” said Co-Founder and CEO Mahek Mody.

Smart Cooking

According to Upliance.ai, DelishUp, launched in January, is India’s first smart AI-powered cooking assistant. Ideal for beginning cooks and busy families, the appliance is powered by Upliance.ai’s proprietary cloud-based artificial intelligence framework, Up AI.

Not only does DelishUp have the capacity to steam, boil, slow cook, sauté, and stir fry on autopilot, it can also chop with precision as well as toss and mix food in its Smart Jar receptacle. Moreover, the device includes 250+ guided recipes as well as how-to videos displayed on an interactive 8-inch touch screen.

All users have to do to prepare the recipe of their choice, is add the ingredients as prompted. Connected by Wi-Fi, the device is also regularly updated with new recipes and features.

ChatGPT: Adapted and customised recipes

Upliance.ai ChatGPT-powered smart cooking assistant, DelishUp
India’s first ChatGPT-powered smart cooking assistant | Credit: Upliance.ai

With the incorporation of ChatGPT, DelishUp now offers chatbot assistance. The AI powered Up Bot allows users to look for tips and get additional assistance to clarify their doubts while cooking. In addition, the new bot can make suggestions on customising existing recipes to suit dietary needs and preferences, adapting them for vegans, sugar-free diets, or calorie cutting.

In addition, the new version of DelishUp also boasts AI-Assisted Generative Recipes, which while still in a beta version, allow users to create their own recipes on top of the 200 built-in recipes already available with the appliance. Thanks to the ChatGPT-powered feature users can generate trending recipes from social media and prepare dishes from their favourite cooking shows.

With the new recipe generator users can also input specific or unusual combinations of ingredients and DelishUp will generate a recipe on the fly just for them.

“We wanted our owners to have the ability to cook what they wanted at whim. Food is deeply personal, and we understand that everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to cooking. By integrating Up AI with ChatGPT, we can now cater to the varied needs, requirements and preferences of our owners,” stated Mody.

Made in India

According to the company, DelishUp is a made-in-India product, and for now it is only available in its home country. While Bengaluru-based Upliance.ai has not shared any plans for international expansion, the company has set a revenue target of Rs 150 crore by financial year 2025 and claims that it has other smart home appliances in the works.

“Our vision is to bring smart technology to every inch of your home. We are all geared up to launch an extensive product line consisting of smart refrigerators, microwaves, and much more designed to make your everyday life easier,” reads the company website.

Founded in 2021 by IIT Bombay alumni, Mahek Mody, ex-Chief of Staff at Ather Energy, and Mohit Sharma, ex-Head of Engineering at Chaayos, Upliance.ai raised a pre-seed funding round of USD 1.5 million last year with participation from Zerodha, Rainmatter, Rukam Capital and Draper Associates, co-founders of Ather Energy and Unacademy.

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