14 Feb 2022

German pro coffee experts WMF launch new premium consumer machines – the 800 series

German pro coffee experts WMF launch new premium consumer machines – the 800 series


Since 1927, WMF has been producing premium coffee machines for the hotel and restaurant industry, and now, in a major announcement, the company has declared it is launching a fully automatic coffee machine for the consumer business.  

“The World of Coffee” includes a whole range of products relating to coffee enjoyment. An outstanding component is the first WMF Perfection 800 coffee machine series. With almost 100 years background in the industry, the high-end German manufacturer is aware that brewing and enjoying a cup of coffee is one of the most sensual things a person can experience. The new fully automatic coffee machines therefore provide a coffee pleasure for all the senses – touch, taste, sight, smell and sound – appeal to all coffee lovers who are seeking this “sensorial” enjoyment at the highest level.


Comfort you can feel…

The WMF Perfection 800 offers perfect customisation when it comes to “feeling”: Through up to 18 pre-set beverage options, up to 16 customisable user profiles and other variable adjustment options can be adjusted to the individual coffee feeling in the most comprehensive way. 

Depending on the machine, users can choose from espresso, ristretto, lungo, cafe cream, double espresso, Americano, breakfast coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, cafe latte, flat white, milk coffee, espresso macchiato, recipes for ground coffee, frothed milk, hot milk, hot water and tea (black tea, white tea and green tea). 

The new WMF Perfection 800 meets every user’s personal taste with its extensive customisation options in terms of aroma strength, grinding degree (5 levels), and water quantity. The coffee enjoyment experience is rounded off by intuitive operation via a high-resolution TFT touchscreen.

Innovation you can taste…

With its innovative technology, the WMF Perfection 800 delivers an outstanding taste experience: the unique WMF double thermoblock technology enables an outstanding coffee quality – in this technology, the second thermoblock is optimised for heating milk and tea. This ensures excellent temperature accuracy, an optimal distribution of the heated water and perfect milk foam. The milk system is automatically self-cleaning and thus ensures reliable hygiene – cup by cup, day by day.

The outstanding result of the new fully automatic coffee machine can not only be tasted -the impressive aroma can also be smelt: The WMF Aroma Perfection System provides an olfactory experience that makes one want to enjoy coffee. In this system, the thermoblock and the brewing unit are combined, which ensures that the brewing process starts directly with heated water without heat loss. 

In a patented process, the optimum amount of coffee is ground and pressed into the brewing chamber under high pressure. In the first stage, the ground coffee is pre-cooked with a little water. Then the brewing process is carried out with hot water, in which the coffee flows – wonderfully fragrant – into the cup.

Pleasure begins for WMF even before the first sip – pleasure that one can see: The extraordinary design of the new WMF Perfection 800 is immediately eye-catching: The coffee machine impresses with its high-quality WMF design in Cromargan with anti-fingerprint, which is perfectly staged through a modern illumination by the LED ambient light.

Quality you can hear…

To create a holistic coffee experience, the ears are also pampered with harmonious sound engineering. The WMF Perfection coffee machine has additional damper technology on the pump. The solid honeycomb structure of the inner construction ensures less vibration. The double-layer sandwich housing made of plastic frames inside and Cromargan cladding on the outside, which is connected to a damping material, completes the optimal sound – not too loud, not too quiet, but simply perfect.

Three machines for a world of sensations…

The launch of the new WMF fully automatic coffee machines takes place as a series with three devices: The WMF Perfection 800 is available in the following versions: WMF Perfection 840L, WMF Perfection 860L and WMF Perfection 890L.

The machines differ in terms of the user profiles that can be stored and the customisation options that can be set. The tea specialities and the premium glass milk container are only available from the 860 versions. The top model 890L is also delivered exclusively with a matt black stainless steel housing.

Key Selling Points:

  • Superior coffee quality thanks to unique WMF double thermoblock technology;
  • Impressive aroma thanks to WMF Aroma Perfection System;
  • Perfect customisation with up to 18 pre-set beverage options & up to 16 customisable user profiles for up to 8 beverage favourites.

The WMF Perfection 800 fully automatic coffee machine series will be available from April 2022.


  • WMF Perfection 840L: €1,599;
  • WMF Perfection 860L: €1,799;
  • WMF Perfection 890L: €1,999.


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