25 Oct 2021

AI comes to the aid of Biometric Authentication

AI comes to the aid of Biometric Authentication


The US/Ukrainian software engineering company, MobiDev, is promoting a new breed of AI-powered Biometric Authentication solutions with the aim of bolstering security in a range of businesses.

According to IBM, 20% of breaches are caused by compromised credentials. In 2021 25% of businesses have completed deployment of AI based security, while 40% are partially deployed. Investing in AI-based security can save a business up to $3.81m (€3.27m) in 2021.

One of the most important takeaways for any business considering biometric security methods is that it is not always wise to rely on only one form of biometric technology, such as unimodal. Instead, a multimodal approach that uses more than one type of biometrics is much more secure. It can include facial/voice recognition, iris scanning or fingerprints authentication.

To improve accuracy and effectiveness of biometric authentication technology, it’s important to layer security with multimodal biometric recognition solutions. Evgeniy Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Solution Architect at MobiDev, explains: “Deploying AI-powered Biometric Authentication solutions to a cloud with uninterrupted communication channels and computing power for neural networks is quite convenient and scalable. On the other hand, such solutions have to be reliable and diversified. And it brings us to a point, where there’s a combination of cloud computing and local hardware components”.

MobiDev is a US/Ukraine software engineering company focused on helping visionaries create their products. The company invests into technology research and has years of experience building AI-powered solutions, implementing machine learning, augmented reality, and IoT.

The company’s engineers create AI-powered Biometric Authentication solutions for a range of different verticals. For example, they developed a single sign-on (SSO) biometric authentication product for an enterprise client. This verification as-a-service solution is based on AI voice and face recognition, NLP for question-answering, anti-spoofing techniques, and WebRTC protocol with extra security measures.

More detailed information about AI biometric authentication technologies can be found at: https://mobidev.biz/blog/ai-biometrics-technology-authentication-verification-security

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