Anytime Fitness launches AF SmartCoaching tech app

The new Anytime Fitness app aims to help members gain and sustain benefits of holistic health and fitness

Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest fitness club brand, has announced the launch of its AF SmartCoaching technology and AF App. AF SmartCoaching will provide Anytime Fitness members with personalised coaching that can now be accessed via the app anytime, anywhere. The tech rollout is part of the brand’s continuous strategy to provide members with Anytime Fitness access and coaching both inside and outside a club to ultimately improve their personal health.

The company’s president Stacy Anderson comments: “Anytime Fitness was founded on providing 24/7 club access to our members. Our locations are still open 24/7, but we recognise that a person’s health and wellness is influenced by fitness, nutrition and recovery, 168 hours of a week, not just the few hours they may spend in a gym.”

She added: “Many people struggle to achieve their health and fitness goals because of lack of time, confidence, and know-how. Our AF SmartCoaching system will help people meet their goals more efficiently and effectively by delivering fitness, nutrition, and recovery coaching anytime, anywhere, measuring their progress beyond the scale and using behavioural data to deliver personalised recommendations along the way.”

Anytime Fitness’s AF SmartCoaching technology captures member activity and performance both inside and outside an Anytime Fitness club. Data and predictive analytics “super charge” Anytime Fitness coaches, helping to produce a personalized health and fitness plan for each member. Through the app, members can access their customized plan, which includes training and nutrition, as well as recovery tips and guidance. As their plan progresses, a body composition scanner is used to measure progress, allowing clients to see progress a standard scale can’t.  As goals are reached, new programs are designed to match a member’s increased fitness level.

In addition, members can use the app to schedule fitness consultations, sessions for personal or group training, chat with a coach through text and video calls, and more. AF coaches can also access the member’s data and track progress in real-time, while offering motivational support and answers via written responses and short video demonstrations to important questions. Non-members can access select app features, but coaching services within the app are for members only.

Later this year, the app will also feature a digital key which members will use to access any of the Anytime Fitness clubs around the world.

To download the AF app, users can visit the App Store directly from their iOS or Android smartphone.

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