Sungrow and AVERE partner on electric vehicle charging solutions

Renewable energy outfit Sungrow has recently announced that it is joining the European Association for Electromobility with a set of goals to achieve climate neutrality via its electric vehicle charging solutions

Sungrow has the mission statement “clean power for all,” which it aims to achieve via the integration of renewable energy, electric mobility and electrification. 

The company produced its first electric vehicle charger in 2017, and entered the European electric vehicle charging market in 2021 with an AC charger

Standout features from Sungrow’s electric vehicle charging solution include reliability, high integration, and durability thanks to its IP65 protection capability. The company says its chargers come with a compact and user-friendly design and work with digital monitoring platforms iSolarCloud or iEnergyCharge. This gives users the chance to monitor and track energy usage in their electric vehicles. 

Now, Sungrow has announced that it will be working with The European Association for Electromobility (AVERE) recognised as a Europe-based association that represents and promotes electric mobility as well as sustainable transport solutions across the continent. Sungrow has said that by joining AVERE, it will be able to collaborate with peers and work to meet the demand for electric vehicle chargers across Europe. 

“Sungrow will strictly abide by AVERE’s regulations, actively participate in the initiatives of the AVERE, promote the reform in the field of new energy vehicle charging, contribute corporate wisdom and professional strength to the global green development, and accelerate the early realisation of the global carbon neutral goal,” said Andrés Doebel, Head of EV Charging at Sungrow Europe.

Sustainability goals made by Sungrow include helping to achieve the EU’s goal of climate neutrality by the year 2050, as well as having zero-carbon operations in the future. 

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