Why go from bed to desk? Meet the “gaming bed”…

Bauhütte, a Japanese gaming furniture brand, aims to “turn your desk into a secret base”.

The company has launched one of its most ambitious and indulgent products yet: the BGB-100FA electric bed. The motorised bed lets users adjust the position of its back, leg-rest and foot-rest with an inbuilt remote control. 

The bed is designed to pair with Bauhütte’s products, such as the BHD-1200BD Bed Desk. The product can also pair with products like the BHT-830 clothing rack or the BHS-430 Energy Wagon, which houses refreshments. The BHW-799 Device Wall also lets users enjoy the gaming experience from their bed without the need to get up and collect accessories. Bauhütte names this a “dream layout that can integrate all the basic life of a gamer, centred on an electric gaming bed”. 

The bed is valued at €443 ($480), while a bundle that includes the gaming mattress costs €618 ($670). 

“When you wake up, you go from your bed to your desk. But why is that simple action such a pain to do?”, asks the company. “Bauhutte has come up with a solution to that problem with the Gaming Bed”. 

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