8 Dec 2021

Beko launches new appliance range made from recycled waste

Beko launches new appliance range made from recycled waste

The Turkish appliance giant Beko has run its first ever sustainability campaign this Autumn in the UK, showcasing new technology which transforms recycled waste materials into durable, high performance product parts used in its new range of built-in ovens, washing machines and washer dryers.

Beko RecycledTub washing machines and washer dryers use recycled plastic bottles in the tubs, while their RecycledNet ovens use recycled fishing nets and industrial thread waste in some of the parts. By taking recycled materials and transforming them into high performance appliance parts, Beko says it is “taking small steps to restore the health of our natural environment”.

Beko’s latest campaign, focused on the UK market, intends to highlight how sustainability remains at the core of the brand and its customer values. Following the results of recent research by the brand, the company found that 88% of UK respondents feel it’s their personal responsibility to make a difference by minimising waste, water, and energy use in their daily lives . When considering these results, alongside the company’s own commitment to sustainability as a business, Beko is offering more sustainable product choices to its consumers that don’t compromise on performance or durability.

The campaign ran from September through to the beginning of November and included a heavyweight digital campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Through this advertising, Beko says it reached 12 million consumers, raising awareness of the innovative and unique sustainable appliance range.

The digital advertising aimed to drive consumers to Beko’s new sustainability landing page, which “brings to life its sustainable story and appliance range in a rich, immersive underwater experience”. To further drive awareness and consideration, the campaign also featured multi-channel retail campaigns and training across key stockists to help drive conversation of RecycledNet and RecycledTub appliances at point of purchase.

Vijay Bhardwaj

Vijay Bhardwaj, Marketing Director at Beko UK & Ireland, said: “Understanding what’s important to our customers is at the top of our agenda. Not only is this appliance range unique, it responds to a definite need our customers have identified; wanting to reduce their own waste and impact on the environment.

“With products like RecycledNet ovens and our RecycledTub washing machines and dryers, we’re continuing to deliver on our commitment to developing products that tackle the challenges facing our planet today, protecting our environment for future generations.”

Available on various washing and washer dryer models already, Beko’s RecycledTub range features a tub made from up to 60 recycled 0.5L PET plastic bottles. The RecycledNet ovens use fishing net waste and recycled industrial thread waste in the production of the door décor plastic, display cover and inner display cover.

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