20 Mar 2023

Midea receives first product Carbon Footprint Certificate

Midea receives first product Carbon Footprint Certificate


China-based appliance manufacturer Midea has received the first product Carbon Footprint Certificate from quality assurance provider Intertek.

Midea recently received the Intertek Green Leaf Verification – Product Carbon Footprint Certificate for its Microwave Oven-MM720C-PM0E00 2AT, manufactured by Midea Kitchen. 

The certification has been given based on the Cradle-to-Grave Methodology of Life Cycle Assessment, which saw Intertek evaluate data collected through the Microwave Oven life’s cycle. This included the material extraction, as well as manufacturing components, supply chain activity and the product’s release.

MA Yunlong, General Manager of Intertek China Green Initiatives, explained that the carbon footprint certificate was given to reward “practical and meaningful efforts made by Midea Kitchen to demonstrate the sustainability of its products to consumers and the household appliance industry.” Apparently the certification will help Midea Kitchen towards its goal of having sustainable product development.

Joan Li, General Manager of Intertek Electrical South China, also revealed that Midea and Intertek were keeping their cooperation ties, with both collaborating on home appliances and other sectors across two decades.

Midea recently revealed a new multi-split air conditioning system, which specialises in heat recovery technology. The product, the result of a collaboration between Paolo Lorini, Head of Midea RAC Design Milan and interior designer Matteo Nunziati, is an air solution and water heating solution which acts as an all-in-one offering to help users save costs and space too.

“Midea has created something completely different: we have integrated all the above systems into a multi-spilt solution that supports up to four indoor air conditioning units, capable of cooling and heating the space, and a water heating module, all connected to a single outdoor unit with heat recovery technology,” Mr Borini comments.

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