Understanding Mhelios, the new energy management service from Midea

Smart home specialist Midea has recently previewed its new Mhelios service, which acts as an intelligent energy management solution for homes

Mhelios has been described as an energy management solution, with a range of features to help homeowners have a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. 

The service can be paired with devices and facilities around the house such as solar panels, smart home appliances and energy storage systems too. By doing this, Mhelios can apparently get the most mileage out of green electricity around the house. 

The system also features a smart energy management centre which reportedly has 98.2% efficiency, along with I-V curve scan technology and optimisation with solar energy. If a homeowner suffers an unexpected power outage and does not have access to electricity, the smart energy manager can offer unbalanced off-grid output technology and backup performance. 

Beyond that, Mhelios uses artificial intelligence of things technology to track and trace a household’s energy usage. It also provides users with “intelligent control” of a home’s heat pumps and systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Surplus photovoltaic power is converted and reused throughout the home, whether that is via heating, hot water or even space cooling. 

Users can download a companion app to manage Mhelios, with options to configure energy storage, as well as monitor usage and cost savings. 

Midea has said it has placed sustainability at the heart of its long-term company vision, committing to a Green Strategy that should make the company carbon neutral by the year 2060.

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