4 Sep 2022

TALI Connected’s new smart lid lights up the way for bikers

French motorcycle equipment company TALI Connected has brought a new concept in smart helmets for motorcyclists to IFA Berlin.

The iT-C Smart Helmet has an integrated lighting system that is connected to the bike – helping with visibility and safety, synchronising brake and turn signals, as well as an extra eye-level headlight. The LED lighting can also be customised with various colour options to reflect the rider’s personality. The functional high-performance design, carbon-fibre shell and breathable foam interior encloses a multi-channel intercom system, which can be linked to a smartphone for calls, voice commands, music and data-sharing to social media – all aided by the TALI Connected app. This connectivity allows the rider to communicate with the bike itself, navigate with GPS, gyroscope and speedomoter, and in the event of an incident, the app will send out an emergency alert. The visor is photochromatic – adjusting automatically to different lighting conditions, and there is an automatic noise-reduction feature, to ensure handsfree operation can be enjoyed safely. Between trips, the helmet itself sits on a practical and user-friendly charging base. TALI Connected’s mission is to support the rider and the wider motorcycle community, with the goal of making the roads safer for all users.

Hall 20 / Stand 207