13 Sep 2022

“IFA again at last!” EK makes an anticipated return

EK comes back to IFA with premium updates in shopfitting and marketing.

During EK’s IFA press briefing on September 2, chief retail officer Jochen Pohle celebrated his company’s return to IFA under the new umbrella brand with an updated logo too: ‘EK: retail in motion’.

“We have been waiting three years for the return of this inspiring fair, and are delighted to be able to meet again in an international context with trade and industry partners from the home appliance and kitchen sector”, he added.

In the following days of IFA, Mr Pohle asked for a call to action to discuss topics such as procurement and marketing, especially in the wake of crises around the world.

The CRO also explained the objectives for EK at IFA, to be a “home port” for affiliated retailers and for its stand to be an attraction for potential retail partners. “We want to cultivate existing contacts, establish new trade and industry and, of course, to demonstrate our own performance strengths”.

In terms of company operations, updates to the Electroplus shopfitting service was a standout from the presentation. “The Electroplus brand store has been opened 65 times nationwide so far, and the list of planned new openings is far from finished”, explained Martin Wolf, marketing manager for electrical appliances, kitchens and lighting.

There are also ambitions to expand the Kuchen Plus store which has seen 35 openings. The other “heavyweight” in EK’s portfolio is the updated 360-degree marketing concept, previewed at IFA 2022.

EK’s IFA stand also features online marketing agency oncliQ GmbH, as well as the Graf company.