13 Sep 2022

Kaiser caters to every taste from modern and futuristic designs to timeless classics

Kaiser presented its latest innovative appliances at IFA 2022, the world’s most important trade show for consumer electronics and household appliances.

The company says IFA has helped Kaiser establish the brand within the industry and gain recognition across the globe.

The brand, which celebrated its 25th anniversary, has for all these years maintained its guiding principle “to offer our customers only the best quality, the most advanced technology and the most organic design”. Kaiser offers a wide range appliances that have been carefully designed to suit every taste – whether you’re a fan of modern design and futuristic chic or timeless classic and retro style. These range from ultra-stylish induction hobs to spacious side-by-side refrigerators and ovens with all kinds of modes to microwaves, with a huge variety of functions and powerful cooker hoods. All of the company’s appliances are easy to use and clean, and have been designed to make ever day household tasks more pleasant. To ensure their appliances remain cutting-edge, Kaiser leverages and incorporates the latest technology, from touch-gesture controlled Cooker Hoods, Air-Fryers built-in to ovens and touch controlled appliances with TFT screens.

“Our appliances give you the right tools to be the king and queen of the kitchen. By offering the cutting edge in cooking technology, you are sure to be the master chef among your friends and family”, says the company.