4 Sep 2022

Bubbles without bottles: Carbon8 launches cutting-edge sparkling water maker

The ingenious one-touch machine pours sparkling water straight into your glass, eliminating the use of unnecessary PET bottles.

Carbon8’s flagship product, the Carbon8 Infinity Spring, is making its official international debut at IFA 2022 as the first one-touch sparkling water maker for the home. The company is taking part in the IFA NEXT Showcase, a hub for the latest forward-thinking technologies and innovative start-ups.

The brand prides itself as the most convenient, efficient, safe and sustainable at-home countertop sparkling water system on sale. CEO and founder Andreas Hansen said: “Unlike other sparkling water makers on the market, Carbon8 does not require in-bottle carbonation. Simply place your glass under the spout, press the dispenser button to fill the glass and release when you’re ready to drink.”

Conceptualised and created out of a love for both sparkling water and the environment, Carbon8 provides a sustainable at-home water carbonation product that does not require PET bottles or complicated steps to add fizz. The innovative click and sip design even allows children to make their own carbonated drink. Its slim appearance minimises the amount of counter space needed, while an ambient light at its spout is convenient for use during dark evenings and nights, doing away with the need to turn on room lights. Suitable for everyday use, it can be placed in the kitchen, in a media room or outdoors for easy access while entertaining.

The Carbon8 Infinity Spring is currently available in three colours: silver, black and white. A UV light automatically sanitises the water and keeps the dispenser clean.

Key selling points

  • First countertop carbonator to both make and dispense sparkling water
  • Eco-friendly design eradicates the need for PET bottles
  • Easy to use click-and-sip technology
Image taken from Carbon8 website: https://carbon8water.com/collections/all
Image from Carbon8 press release
Image from Carbon8 press release
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