2 Sep 2022

Bosch Eco Fridge to meet growing demand for energy-efficient appliances which emit fewer pollutants and make less noise

The fridge-freezer combination – KGN39VXBT, has swapped conventional materials for bio-based alternatives which produce 33 percent less CO2. Its tried-and-tested No Frost technology counteracts the formation of ice crystals and eliminates the need for tiresome defrosting. The refrigerator is equipped with VitaFresh XXL, Bosch’s freshness preservation system, which keeps food fresh for longer and thus prevents food waste. A sophisticated compressor technology also ensures the fridge is virtually silent.

Key selling points

  • Made with recycled or CO2-reduced or CO2-neutral materials
  • Operating noise of only 29 dB
  • Multi-airflow system for an even distribution of cold air in the interior
HALL 1.1, STAND 101