Fauna launches audio glasses for an immersive experience

Look ‘n’ Listen, a groundbreaking designer audio eyewear by Fauna, seamlessly integrates into your daily life

These revolutionary audio glasses not only protect your eyes but also deliver immersive sound. With advanced technology, including integrated micro-speakers, woofers, and microphones, Look ‘n’ Listen allows you to enjoy your favourite music, audiobooks, and make phone calls.

Here, IFA Newsroom explores the unique features and benefits of Fauna’s audio glasses, highlighting their open-ear technology, design versatility, and user-friendly controls.

Unveiling Open-Ear Technology

Fauna audio glasses stand out with their innovative open-ear technology. Wearers experience a heightened sense of awareness, as they remain connected to their surroundings while enjoying crystal-clear audio.

Unlike traditional headphones or in-ear devices, Look ‘n’ Listen ensures wearers can move safely in various environments, such as when navigating traffic. Additionally, the technology protects against noise-induced hearing loss, often associated with traditional headphones.

The open ear canals and ears contribute to overall well-being by allowing wearers to stay attuned to their environment.

Stylish Design and Customisation

Fauna offers Look ‘n’ Listen in four distinct designs, catering to diverse style preferences. Each pair features Italian acetate frames, a standard material renowned for its durability and comfortable fit.

The Zeiss Vision lenses can be effortlessly exchanged for prescription lenses by an optician, ensuring a personalised visual experience for users. Whether you opt for the sunglasses version or the blue light filter version, Look ‘n’ Listen seamlessly combines style and functionality for both outdoor activities and extended screen usage.

Seamless Connectivity and User-Friendly Controls

Credit : Fauna

Look ‘n’ Listen connects effortlessly to your smartphone or PC via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for a specific app. This streamlined connectivity allows for a hassle-free setup, enabling users to dive straight into their audio experience. The glasses are controlled through intuitive touch and swipe gestures on the temples. Fauna’s patented audio technology ensures that despite housing all the electronics, the temples remain slim and lightweight. This design feature enhances user comfort, allowing for extended wear without compromising on style.

Technical Specifications and Portability

Look ‘n’ Listen is built to deliver exceptional audio quality. The audio system consists of two-way sound speakers, incorporating USound MEMS micro-speakers and electrodynamic woofers in each temple. This configuration provides a frequency bandwidth of 250 Hz to 20 kHz, ensuring a rich and immersive sound experience. With a sound pressure level (SPL) of 80 dB at 1 kHz and low total harmonic distortion (THD), Look ‘n’ Listen reproduces audio faithfully.

Credit : Fauna

The portable charging case accompanying the glasses enables convenient on-the-go recharging. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry, ensuring your audio glasses are always ready for use.

To conclude, Fauna’s Look ‘n’ Listen audio glasses offer a unique blend of style, functionality, and technological innovation. With open-ear technology, wearers can enjoy high-quality audio while staying fully aware of their surroundings. The versatile design options and compatibility with various devices make Look ‘n’ Listen a suitable choice for a range of lifestyles.

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