Reseller Park: Empowering Connections and Driving Success at IFA 2023

The Reseller Park will be back at IFA Berlin 2023 to offer attendees a vibrant atmosphere and an efficient networking platform, built over years of fostering high level channel connections. Visitors can be sure to efficiently build new business connections and bring back lots of inspiration in their back pockets.

This well-established marketplace, which has served as an annual meeting place for trade buyers and tech companies for decades, had already made a strong comeback at IFA 2022 – the first IFA event held after the pandemic. The comeback event attracted a remarkable number of trade visitors over five days, delighting the almost 100 exhibitors in attendance.

Expanding in Size and Influence: A B2B Platform that Commands Attention

One of the notable aspects of this year’s Reseller Park is its impressive expansion compared to the previous year. In addition to the visitor campaigns initiated by Jan Nintemann’s agency Global Fairs, the marketplace will boast around 110 exhibitors this year, including several leading channel media partners.

Jan Nintemann – Reseller Park

This diverse range of participants ensures that Reseller Park stands as a highly frequented B2B platform at IFA, occupying a significant portion of Hall 25. Its growth and popularity reflect its ability to adapt and meet the evolving needs of the industry, cementing its position as an essential destination for resellers and distributors.

Addressing Climate Change: Early Initiatives and Forward-Thinking Strategies

Nintemann, known for his visionary approach in the tech event industry, has long been proactive in addressing climate change and its impact on the consumer electronics (CE) sector.

In previous years, he organised the “Studio Climate Conference” alongside IFA, focusing on CO2-reducing SmartHome solutions and featuring climate and sustainability experts like Clara Meyer, the press spokeswoman for Fridays for Future. Nintemann’s dedication to tackling environmental challenges has positioned Reseller Park as a platform that not only facilitates business and innovation but also drives sustainability within the industry.

Europe’s Premier Refurbished Marketplace at IFA 2023

One significant focus for Reseller Park this year is the rapidly expanding refurbishing market. Alongside eBay, approximately 20 refurbished product exhibitors have set up shop within the marketplace, establishing it as a major hub for refurbished goods at IFA 2023.

This development not only highlights the industry’s recognition of the importance of sustainability but also provides resellers and distributors with an opportunity to tap into the growing demand for refurbished products, catering to environmentally conscious consumers.

Best-practice in Sustainable Stand Construction 

As well as its commitment to sustainability, Reseller Park distinguishes itself through its environmentally friendly and resource-saving approach to the trade show construction. Building practices employed for stands within the zone adhere to the principles of the circular economy, with components and furniture being reused multiple times.

Furthermore, the materials used are predominantly environmentally certified, the carpeting consists of recycled materials, and the graphic walls are made from environmentally certified textile material framed in Aluminum, ensuring their reusability. The utilisation of energy-efficient LED lighting further exemplifies the industry’s shift towards reducing its ecological footprint.

A Diverse Array of Cutting-Edge Products and Accessories Await

Trade visitors to Reseller Park can expect an exciting and diverse range of equipment and accessories related to CE, SmartHome technology, IT, and mobile devices. Renowned exhibitors from the market will showcase their latest products, providing resellers and distributors with a valuable opportunity to stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments, ultimately fostering growth and driving innovation within the CE ecosystem.

By offering a crucial platform for networking, driving innovation, and promoting sustainable practices, the Reseller Park reflects the resilience and evolution of the CE community.

Visit the Reseller Park @ IFA Berlin 2023: Hall 25 / Stand 150

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