Girls Who Code launches “culture-shifting” digital campaign

Nonprofit Girls Who Code, which aims to combat inequality in the tech industry, has launched a new campaign called Girls Who Code Girls, with the aim of having girls create video game characters.

Girls Who Code says that 77% of video game developers are men, with only 20% of all video game characters being women. To achieve more equality in the industry, the nonprofit has launched a “culture-shifting” new campaign to have more women developers and more female video game characters too. 

The campaign entails code-able combinations being offered to budding video game developers and coders, with the hope of teaching computer science fundamentals and expanding women’s representation in the industry. The cast of characters created in this campaign will be licensable and also offered to video game studios and companies. 

“Though almost half of all gamers are women, we don’t see them represented in game development. As a result, what we do see is a gaming experience catered to the white, male gaze that alienates some of its most passionate and diverse fans,” said Tarika Barrett, CEO of Girls Who Code

“That’s why we created Girls Who Code Girls. By turning users into creators, we’re empowering our community to use coding to upend the status quo and imagine a future where they can harness their passion and creativity into a career in tech. We want our students to know that they deserve to take up space in gaming and game development, and can create characters that reflect the best parts of who they are.”  

To participate, users can visit, where they can code and customise personalised video game characters.

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