Polar Electro partners with MicroEJ to deliver latest wearable fitness products

Polar Electro, considered a top choice in personal guidance for fitness, sports and health, has announced a collaboration with software provider MicroEJ on a range of wearable fitness products.

With nearly five decades of operations, Polar Electro has maintained itself as a market leader in the world of personal sports analysis and measurement, using forward-thinking technology and data-driven user insight to service its customers. The company has recently decided to collaborate with MicroEJ, a software provider for embedded and internet of things devices, on a range of new wearable fitness products including the new Polar Ignite 3 fitness and wellness watch.

Why Polar Electro and MicroEJ are working on wearable fitness products 

Polar Electro said it chose to collaborate with MicroEJ as it “enables the same capabilities as a leading [operating system] in a sustainable design,” without compromising on battery time, connectivity or user interface. 

Another positive about MicroEJ, and what makes them a good match, is that the company’s software containers allow Polar Electro to bolster hardware innovations such as vector graphics, giving users a smooth experience. 

Everything you need to know about the Polar Ignite 3 

The Ignite 3 has been described as a stylish fitness and wellness watch, which features a curved high resolution AMOLED touchscreen, along with sleep and activity tracking. 

The Polar Ignite 3 offers users personalised guides to get the most out of their lifestyle, with a series of activity, fitness and sleep-wake routines for users to get the most out of their 24-hour natural cycle. 

The Ignite 3 features a haptic alarm which allows users to wake up peacefully. From there, users can check how well they slept last night, receiving a sleep charge score out of 100, as well as an “Autonomic Nervous System charge” rating.

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