4 Jul 2023

From Dresden to Monheim: Hama’s Century-Long Legacy


From Dresden to Monheim: Hama’s Century-Long Legacy


Hama marks 100 years of success in the accessory industry under the theme “Celebrating our Shared Future”

With a history dating back to its establishment in Dresden in 1923 and its subsequent relocation to Monheim, Bavaria, Hama has reached an impressive 100-year milestone. The event, centred around the theme “Celebrating Our Shared Future”, encompass a series of events that highlight the company’s accomplishments and aspirations.

Kicking off the festivities on June 15, Hama will host a branch meeting, bringing together industry partners, trade representatives, and the press. The event will feature engaging discussions, including insightful talks with Hama’s management and influential figures from the retail sector.

Following this, on June 17, an employee evening will take place, providing an opportunity to recognise achievements and discuss future prospects. The event will be presented in a talk show format, hosted by notable personalities, ensuring an entertaining and informative experience for the staff.

From June 19 to 22, Hama will organize an international house fair, welcoming approximately 1,000 retailers from 31 countries. This showcase will unveil the latest product innovations, technological trends, and a wide range of service offerings that establish Hama as an exceptional industry partner.

The grand finale of the celebrations will be a public open day on June 24. Anticipating up to 20,000 visitors, the event will offer a unique opportunity to explore Hama’s operations, discover career prospects, and gain insights into the company’s commitment to innovation. Attendees will also have the chance to visit the recently revamped Hama Outlet, which will feature enticing deals and cutting-edge technology.

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