Hoover makes cleaning easy with new Anti-Twist vacuum cleaners

Appliance giant Hoover has announced two new Anti-Twist vacuum cleaners – the HL5 Push & Lift Upright with Anti-Twist and the HF9 Anti-Twist Cordless, each coming with a separate ‘Pets’ variation

According to the brand, maintenance is quick and easy with the Anti-Twist floorhead. It solves the problem of human and pet hairs getting tangled around the brush bar thanks to the integrated robust comb that actively untangles hairs during cleaning.

The HL5 is lightweight with a soft grip handle and swivel steering; it also comes with LED nozzle lights in the floor nozzle to make cleaning dark corners and under furniture easier. The brand said there is no loss of suction, plus also a washable HEPA H13 filter which traps allergens for excellent quality of air re-emitted.

HF9 Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum cleaner

Hoover also offers a five-year extended warranty with both of its new vacuum cleaners.

Its second launch is the HF9 cordless stick vacuum – also with Anti-Twist technology so the roller can be removed in a few seconds, with no tools required, by opening the window placed right over the brush.

Hoover said it has “exceptional characteristics”, including high suction capacity with genuine runtime for up to 30 minutes, plus its 350W Brushless motor, which ensures constant power and suction that enables it to pick up dust, debris and hair, all in a versatile lightweight cordless format.

There’s also a digital display indicating the minutes of battery power remaining, the usage mode and the charge percentage.

Dave Matthews, business director at Hoover SDA, commented: “Customer insights are important to us; we take what customers say seriously and make products that meet their needs.

“Firstly, the HL5 Push & Lift vacuum cleaner is a response to customer feedback and we are delighted to offer this versatile and portable cleaner that converts from an upright to a portable vacuum in one easy step.

“Meanwhile, the intuitive features of the HF9 make this a hoover that goes above and beyond what customers need to have a cleaning experience that is powerful, easy to maintain and long lasting. Our new digital display and Anti-Twist feature offer ease of use and help to maintain optimum performance across all surfaces.

“We are really proud of this Hoover and look forward to having it make cleaning so much easier for our customers.”

Key Selling Points

  • HL5 is lightweight with a soft grip handle and swivel steering
  • HL5 features HEPA H13 filter
  • High suction capacity with genuine runtime for up to 30 minutes

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