26 Jan 2022

LG introduce “upgradeable” home appliances

LG introduce “upgradeable” home appliances


LG has announced a new scheme called “Evolving Appliances for You”, for its home appliances. The Korean manufacturer is set to introduce technology that includes an “upgradability” option.

“Evolving Appliances for You” is a concept where LG’s household appliances have the capability to incorporate new features as they are developed. Each product will apparently reflect the patterns and habits of its user, a new usage of smart technology in the home. 

Evolving household appliances 

The upgradability feature will reportedly add a new function or convenience to a household appliance via new software, hardware, or both. If a user receives a new pet, he or she can improve the performance of the LG PuriCare air purifier, by upgrading with the Pet Care Filter. This would more thoroughly filter out pet fur and dander. 

LG dryers can be upgraded to adapt to different climates and fabrics, with the option to download new accessories and software from the Upgrade Centre in the LG ThinQ app. For example, the appliance would become better suited to cleaning the fabrics a user would wear in hotter or colder climates. 

LG intends for its household appliances to adapt to changing trends and technology, as well as fit the usage patterns of its user. The company is set to introduce approximately 20 upgradeable appliances in 2022.

LG intends for their household appliances to adapt to changing trends and technology, as well as fit the usage patterns of its user. (Photo: LG)
LG intends for their household appliances to adapt to changing trends and technology, as well as fit the usage patterns of its user. (Photo: LG)

Upgradeable household appliances to upgrade with time

“Upgradeability challenges the idea that expensive appliances are designed with planned obsolescence in mind,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We want customers to experience the feeling of getting a new washer or refrigerator throughout the entire lifecycle of an LG appliance, not just the first time they bring the item home.”

Consumers can upgrade the features of their appliances through the aforementioned LG ThinQ app. Through the app, users can receive notifications of new upgrades that are available, with the option to select which adjustments they wish to make. LG has noted that it is designing software and hardware with scalability and upgradeability in mine. This means that users can upgrade the hardware of their devices by adding separate parts to the appliance. 

“The goal of the UP home appliances is to provide a product experience that is new and smarter by communicating with users,” Ryu Jae-cheol, head of LG’s Home Appliances & Air Solution business unit said in a public statement. “The UP home appliances are devices that constantly evolve and make life easier. The more we use them, the more the devices understand and fit us,” Ryu added.

LG see record sales with household appliances performing strongly

New innovations in household appliances come off the back of a big year for LG. The company has claimed that its fourth-quarter sales for 2021 reached a record quarterly high, thanks to strong performances with household appliances. 

The company reportedly received around €15.5 billion (21 trillion won) in sales from September to December 2021. This is up 20.7% from last year’s numbers, and represents the largest-ever quarterly performance in LG’s history. The company is estimated to have earned around €55 billion (74.72 trillion won) in sales, and around €2.9 million (3.86 trillion won) in operating profit for 2021. 

Analysts have claimed that high demand for household appliances has kept LG performing to a strong standard. “Such demand, especially for the premium lineup in the North America market, appears to not have peaked yet, meaning that we could possibly expect further momentum in the first half of next year,” Kim Ji-san, an analyst at Kiwoom Securitis Co., told Business Standard. 

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