Discover how LG’s beautiful MoodUP refrigerator changes colour with the seasons

The original home appliance is customisable with more than 190,000 colour combinations and voice activated technology.

LG’s new MoodUP refrigerator has been bringing a new kind of ‘cool’ to the home appliance market with its pioneering colour-change technology. The versatile appliance promises to personalise any kitchen and dazzle guests with its customisable LG MoodUP LED panels, voice activation, craft ice, and bluetooth speaker connectivity.

Following up the launch of LG’s ‘always-evolving’ upgradable appliances, and the introduction of the ultra-elegant LG Objet Collection, the new fridge serves as yet another example of the company’s ability to respond to – and create – new trends in the home appliance space.

The unique MoodUP refrigerator, equipped with LG’s advanced refrigeration and smart technologies for better food freshness and enhanced convenience, also delivers a completely new kitchen experience, allowing users to choose a wide range of vibrant colours to its LED doors and play music via its built-in speaker as per their personal tastes and moods.

With its innovative LED door panels, LG’s MoodUP refrigerator presents unrivalled interior design flexibility and a new way to create a stylish, integrated kitchen. Through the LG ThinQ app, users can choose from 22 colours for the upper door panel and 19 colours for the lower, giving them the ability to change the look of the fridge and their kitchen environment. Users can also customise the panels’ appearance and refresh the mood by applying various, evocative colour themes including Season, Place, Mood and Pop. Using the tones and hues of nature, Season represents different times of year, while Mood elicits a feeling of wellbeing through the use of soft, soothing colours.

LG MoodUP refrigerator
Credit: LG

The MoodUP refrigerator also provides excellent sound via a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Users can match their mood – or the fridge’s current colour or theme – with songs from their favourite music streaming apps, or from the Music Collection playlist on the ThinQ app. What’s more, when the speaker is playing audio, the MoodUP’s LED panels can change colours in sync with the music, adding a sense of liveliness and fun to users’ time in the kitchen.

President of LG Electronics and Home Appliances Lyu Jae-cheol comments: “We at LG have always found exciting, new ways to move the customer experience forward and we are proud to do it again with the brand-new MoodUP refrigerator. Bringing colour, music and convenience to the kitchen, and incorporating LG’s cutting-edge technologies and innovative design features, this unique refrigerator demonstrates our continuing commitment to delivering a better life at home.”

What else is new with LG’s MoodUP refrigerator?

LG’s revolutionary new fridge also boasts user-friendly features, such as convenient and colourful notifications. When the refrigerator’s door sensor detects that the fridge compartment has been left open for too long, the panel on the door left open blinks repeatedly; letting users know that the door needs closing and helping to prevent cold air loss and unnecessary energy consumption. And when the MoodUP’s motion sensors detect that someone is approaching, both panels blink in welcome. The fridge even makes things easier at night time, its freezer door glowing brighter to help midnight snackers find and open the door.

With its LED door panels switched off, the MoodUP refrigerator offers a combination of Lux Gray and Lux White for a more traditional look in the kitchen. The chic, timeless finish harmonises with any décor and evokes the natural, subtle contrast of different coloured stones.

The appliance also uses the company’s own On-Device AI chip for smart home appliances. Integrating advanced AI, the module enables the MoodUP refrigerator to improve and extend the user experience with features such as upgraded voice recognition and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

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