LG brings world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology

The new OLED TV boasts superior picture and sound quality as well as cutting edge wireless technology that is easier to install.

LG Electronics is introducing the 97-inch LG signature Oled TV M3, the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology. The wireless solution is capable of real-time video and audio transmission at up to 4K 120Hz.

The revolutionary M3 delivers superior picture and sound quality as well as greater flexibility to install and connect. Unlike conventional TVs, where all input ports for connecting external devices are located on the rear or sides, the M3 comes with a separate Zero Connect box that sends video and audio signals wirelessly to LG’s cinematic 97-inch screen. Because it can be placed away from the TV, the box helps to create a cleaner, distraction-free viewing environment and gives users greater freedom to arrange their space.

The new technology comes with multiple ports for plugging in commonly used HDMI devices, such as cable or satellite set-top boxes. Gaming consoles can also connect wirelessly with compatible soundbars for richer, more powerful audio and additional cable-free convenience.

Along with offering users more freedom when curating their space, the M3 and its Zero Connect box allows users to easily install the new LG Oled TV without entangled cables. Without any wires to disturb users from the viewing experience, the TV also boasts a sleek one wall design.

LG Oled TV
The 97-inch TV comes with real time video and audio wireless transmission up to 4K 120Hz | Credit: LG

LG’s wireless solution leverages state-of-the-art technologies to provide reliable video and audio transmission to the M3’s self-lit Oled screen, allowing users to enjoy content at 4K 120Hz and clear, crisp sound without interruption or degradation of quality.

To ensure the seamless transfer of data from the box to the TV, the company developed an algorithm that instantly identifies the optimal transmission path. It also helps to minimise transmission errors or disruptions as it can recognise changes in the immediate environment – such as people or pets moving around the room – and switch paths accordingly. In addition, for maximum signal strength, the box’s antenna can be easily rotated or tilted to align with the TV’s location.

For maximum usability, the Zero Connect box is voice recognition-enabled, meaning users can turn on and manage the M3 and connected devices using simple, spoken commands.

Design features of the LG Oled M3

Despite the imposing size of its screen, the M3 blends in effortlessly with one’s interior décor courtesy of its understated one wall design. The M3 and its integrated bracket sit flush against the wall with no visible gap, presenting a chic, art gallery aesthetic that augments the TV’s outstanding self-lit picture quality.

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